Re: Why do you need to pass that person?

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>On 27 Jul 1995, Jim Fiocca wrote:
>> 1) You're coming up to the last stop light prior to your needing to turn
>> right.  The light turns red, there is one person in front of you who has
>> been going a reasonable 5 mph over the limit.  You notice that the left
>> lane is clear, so you cut over - knowing full well that when the light
>> turns green, you intend to try to pass that person in the right lane,
>> cut over, hit your brakes, and make your right turn.
>>  - ????? Why ????? -
>Most times, I don't.  Sometimes, I'll do it if I can make the turn without
>cutting off or slowing the other car, especially if it looks like one that will
>do a slow crawl through the same right turn when I would run it comfortably
>10 mph faster..
>> 2) It's rush hour.  Everyone is going about the same reasonable speed of
>> about 5 mph over the limit, so the excuse "they're driving too slow" is
>> not applicable.  You're approaching a red light on a two-lane road that
>> you know is about to merge into one lane shortly after the light (right
>> lane ends).  1, 2, or maybe 3 cars are already stopped in the left lane
>> and the right lane is clear.  Why do you pull up in the right lane
>> intending to pass and get in front of those 1, 2, 3, or more cars that

Why not?  If it does not slow you down, who cares?  I often wonder about 
people who try so hard to get ahead during rush hour traffic, but if it 
suits them, fine.  It does not bother me - and I even do it occasionally 
- I do not like being stuck behind slow drivers.  Simple.  Sure, maybe I 
cannot go "fast" but if the person in front of me has that "I am going 
faast enough"  attitude, I get disturbed, so I figure it is easier to 
simply take the open space, get in front, and go with clear roads ahead.  


>I definitely don't..  In fact, there was a place near home where they added
>an extra short right lane at the light so people could get around others 
>waiting at the green to turn left..  Some would take unfair advantage of this
>"passing" lane to get the jump on straight-through drivers..  I lived for the 
>times when I was first at the light to the left of these bozos..  I'd jump out 
>maintain a position just off their front fender, forcing them to stop when the
>lane ended 75 feet after the light :-)