Re: Question about right of the way

On Thu, 27 Jul 1995, Isaac Soundararaj wrote:

> Hi Netters,
>    Could you please help me with the following question?
>    I am sorry, it may be a obvious question.
>    Suppose that I am in an intersection, with red light for me.
>    Behind me comes an emergency vehicle with flasers and siren.
>    Should I have to proceed forward (eventhough it is red for me)
>    so that the emergency vehicle can go past me.
>    The situation  assumed: if I don't move, the emergency vehicle
>    behind me can't proceed.
>    Your answer is appreciated.
>    Thanks. -Isaac


If moving forward is the only way to give way to the emergency vehicle,
I would probably do so and get into the intersection.  You don't have to
worry about being hit by the crossing traffic, because they're supposed
to be stationery.

Some ambulance drivers are brave enough to move over to the opposite
lane to keep going, BTW.


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