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About rec.gardens.ecosystems

rec.gardens.ecosystems is a Usenet newsgroup intended for the discussion of gardening topics from an ecological perspective. In "down to earth" language, this means trying to work in concert with nature, rather than trying to force it into rigid format. A second aspect of the ecological perspective is that one avoids the use of toxic substances and fertilizers. Both toxic substances and fertilizers may seem to have short term beneficial effects on the home garden, but invariably turn out to disrupt the natural processes. The net result is that natures's dynamic balance is forced into a fixed balance, that can only be maintained by the use of more toxic substances and fertilizers.

Gardening based on these insights requires knowledge about soil, compost, plant nutrition, gardening practices, botany, the biology of pests, diseases, weeds and wildlife. These topics are covered in our FAQ and the papers of an organic gardening course that elaborates on the FAQ.

Gardening from an ecological perspective incorprorates organic gardening, and Integrated Pest Management (IPM), but is not identical to either of them. What they have in common is that both can only be successful if based on a knowledge of how nature works.

In accordance with this vision on gardening, rec.gardens.ecosystems is a moderated group. This means that there are a couple of people keeping a close eye on the group, and scanning potential contributions before they pop up in the group. This is mainly a preventive approach, enabeling us to keep the group free of the usual Usenet pests. More details on the group and its moderation policy are described in the charter and section A of the group's list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). The other sections of the FAQ provide a growing body of knowledge on gardening from ecological principles.

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The rec.gardens.ecosystems FAQ online:

The FAQ, organic gardening course and more for downloading:
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the organic gardening course
Charles Darwin's "The Voyage of the Beagle"
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