Ones upon a time, I was walking by the Nevski Avenue in Saint Petersburg and went into a book store. On one of the shelves I saw an album of Aivazovski's paintings. From the very childhood I love sea, and my admiration of the painter's pictures grew with years. You guessed right, I have bought the album and brought it with me to US.

But... In the August of 1995 my poor apartment was flooded and the album became badly damaged. In a bare grief I originally wanted to throw it away but then, amazing, an idea came to my mind. I took the book apart, page by page, and decided to digitize its contents.

You realize that after sitting in the water for quite a while the pictures had lost their original quality but, nevertheless, I will do my best to present them as well as I can.

"It could be a great electronic exhibition", I thought, so here you see the implementation of this idea. I have splitted all the pictures by the years they were painted.