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This section tells you a little about the Special Libraries Association News Division, such as the objectives of the News Division, the officers, information on joining the NewsLib mailing list, News Division awards and winners, and the benefits of joining SLA.

The News Division is the section of the Special Libraries Association that focuses on librarians and libraries dealing with news media in such settings as newspapers, magazines, broadcast organizations, and nontraditional news settings. To join the News Division, add it as a division to your SLA membership. For more information about special libraries in general, please visit the Special Libraries Association Web site.

News Division Objectives

News Division Awards

Barbara Semonche's Pages about the News Division

2014 Officers, Committees, and Leaders

Past Officers

About the NewsLib Discussion List

Direct link to the NewsLib Discussion List (You may need to login to gain access to the list.)

newslib mini, a wiki for those working solo or in small news libraries (Access is restricted. Please contact Anne Holcomb for a password.)

News Division Membership Directory (Access is restricted to members.)

Special Libraries Association Membership Directory (Access is restricted to SLA members.)

How to Join SLA

Benefits of SLA Membership


About the News Division
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