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Vol. 25, No.2/Winter 2003

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Ron Larson

The Aside Bar
By Ron Larson, Managing Editor

Last summer when I was asked to think about becoming the managing editor for News Library News, I quickly declined the offer. Adding responsibilities and stress to my life were not high on my list of things to do. Besides, what do I know about being an editor?

I thought I had made my answer fairly clear, but our division leaders were quite persistent. I continued to drag my feet but my answers were becoming obviously weaker.

Well, I agreed to become the managing editor of News Library News not because of relentless requests, but because I felt it was time to give something back to a publication that I have treasured for twenty-five years.

During my quarter century of a career, News Library News has been there every year, offering me insight, knowledge, ideas, inspiration, encouragement, creativity, hope and friendship. For many years, this publication was my only consistent link to others that shared the same challenges, demands and questions that only news librarians faced.

The first issue I received was edited by our esteemed colleague, Barbara Newcombe, formerly of the Chicago Tribune. It was not News Library News at that time, but Newspaper Librarians. I remember thinking how wonderful it was to have a publication where each article was interesting, informative, practical and written, it seemed, just for me. It is interesting to note that the birth of News Library News occurred 25 years ago this month with the publishing of the first issue of Newspaper Librarians.

News Library News has been edited by a number of terrific and dedicated people over the years. They have nurtured and guided this publication in a very professional manner, inspiring me today to work hard to reach their standards. I would like to thank my predecessors, Janice Lewis, Barbara Newcombe, Ellie Wood, Diane Hunter, Joan Stern, Bob Isaacs, Barbara Semonche, Lany McDonald, Kee Malesky, Elizabeth Whisnet, Mona Hatfield, Linda Henderson, Catherine Kitchell, Jennifer Small Evert and Leigh Poitinger, for creating, developing and improving News Library News over the past 25 years.

It is with great pride that I take over the leadership of News Library News during its silver anniversary. I hope I can make it an integral part of your professional lives by continuing in my predecessors' footsteps by offering interesting, informative and practical issues.

Last Updated: 2/4/03
Ron Larson