Who Is Third Parties '96?

The following is a listing of our Planning Team, our local, state, and regional coordinators, and all those who participated in the June meeting in Washington, DC.

National Coordinators

Linda Martin
John Rensenbrink

Planning Team

Tony Affigne, Green Party of Rhode Island
Hank Chapot, Green Party of California
Laurie Geller, Boulder Progressive Coalition
Sam Jordan, DC Statehood Party
Linda Martin, Green Politics Network & NOVA Greens
Judith Mohling, Boulder Progressive Coalition
Sue Ellen Peralta, Student Lobbyist, New Mexico State Govt.
John Rensenbrink, Maine Green Party
Sam Smith, Progressive Review
Bruce Weiner, Workers of America

Local, State and Regional TP'96 Coordinators

The following individuals have agreed to help keep you "in the loop" on Third Parties '96 activities. Please feel free to contact them with your questions and suggestions.

NOTE: Richard Winger, publisher of Ballot Access News has generously offered to serve as consultant to TP'96. If you have a question about your ballot access in your state call him at 415.922.9779 email: .

If you can help with the coordination and information sharing in your area, please contact a planning group member or Linda Martin online -- phone 703.642.5710.

Parties and Organizations Represented at Third Parties '96: Building the New Mainstream

Maine Green Party
Green Party of California
Green Party of Rhode Island
Pennsylvania Green Party
The Syracuse Greens
Green Party of Minnesota
The Atlanta Greens
New Mexico Green Party
Pacific Party of Oregon
C.O.C./DC Greens
West Virginia Greens
West Virginia Mountaineer Party
Green Politics Network - GPN
The Greens/GPUSA
Socialist Party U.S.A.
Democratic Socialists of America - DSA
DC Statehood Party
The New Party
Natural Law Party
Communist Party U.S.A.
Committees of Correspondence
Democratic Party of Maryland
Democratic Party of Virginia
Patriot Party of Virginia
Independence Party of Kansas
Libertarian Party of Virginia
Libertarian Party of Maryland

Progressive Assets Management (CA)
Institute for Science & Technology
Economics Working Group
Women's Strike for Peace
National Center for Independent Political Action - NCIPA (NY)
American Federation of Government Employees - AFGE (DC)
Boulder Progressive Coalition (CO)
Boulder Community Alliance (CO)
Center for New Democracy (DC)
University Conversion Project (MA)
Inform, Inc.
Center for Responsive Politics (DC)
Institute for Contemporary Studies (VA)
Veterans for Peace (VA)
Center for Voting and Democracy (DC)
Committee on Free and Open Elections (NY)

Pacifica Radio
The Progressive Review (DC)
Toward Freedom (VT)
Independent Politics (CA)
Social Justice Connections (VA)
Ballot Access News (CA)
Jersey Greens Journal (NJ)

Third Parties '96 -- Volunteer Staff
Linda Martin, Alexandria, VA -- Co-ordinator

Brian Smith, Washington, DC
Pam Murphy, Washington, DC
Jon Kunz, Washington, DC
Larry Bassett, Silver Spring, MD
Dave Richardson, Washington, DC
Chris Holder, Washington, DC
Scott MacLarty, Washington, DC
Stefan Patejak, Washington, DC
Tian Harter, Reston, VA

Paul Gagnon, Franconia, VA -- Facilitation Team Leader
Johna Gagnon, Franconia, VA -- Facilitator

Third Parties '96 -- Speakers & Presenters
John Rensenbrink, Maine Green Party
Hank Chapot, Green Party of California
Larry Bensky, Pacifica Radio
Linda Martin, Green Party of Virginia
Graylan Ellis-Hagler, Plymouth Congregational Church
Sam Smith, Progressive Review
Jonathan Carter, Maine Green Party
Tony Affigne, Green Party of Rhode Island
Ellen Miller, Center for Responsive Politics
John Bonifaz, National Voting Rights Institute
Richard Winger, Ballot Access News
Rob Richie, Center for Voting and Democracy
Ruth Caplan, Economics Working Group
Greg Gerritt, Maine Green Party
Andrew Hammer, Socialist Party
Nicole Newton, University Conversion Project
Jo Haberman, Minnesota Green Party
Richard Sincere, Libertarian Party of Virginia
Sam Jordan, DC Statehood Party
Bruce Weiner, Patriot Party of Virginia
Dan Cantor, New Party
Peter Camejo, Progressive Assets Management

Third Parties '96 Co-Sponsors

Green Politics Network
Maryland New Party
Patriot Party of Virginia
Green Party of Rhode Island
The Progressive Review
Green Party of Virginia
Maine Green Party
Luna Books and Democracy Center
Virginia Citizens Coalition
Green Party of Minnesota
Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund of Pennsylvania
The Jersey Greens Journal
New Mexico Green Party
Pacific Party (Oregon)
Boulder Progressive Coalition
The Committee for a Unified Independent Party
D.C. New Democracy (New Party)
Patriot Party of California
New York City Green Party
Tba (Take Back America)/Green Party (NY)
Dc-Md-Nova Democratic Socialists of America
University Conversion Project
D.C. Statehood Party
Committees of Correspondence
The Greens/GPUSA
The Commonwealth Greens of Massachusetts

(Organizations listed for identification only)

*Linda Martin, Green Party of Virginia
*John Rensenbrink, Maine Green Party
*Sam Smith, The Progressive Review
*Hank Chapot, Jr., Green Party of California
*Tony Affigne, Green Party of Rhode Island
Richard Walton, Citizens Party (1984)
Julianne Malveux, Pacifica Radio
Greta Gaard, Green Party of Minnesota
Andy Shallal, We the People (Virginia)
Matthew Harline, Missouri Green Party
Rob Richie, Center for Voting and Democracy
Bruce Weiner, Patriot Party of Virginia
Sam Jordan, DC Statehood Party
Jonathan Carter, Maine Green Party
Nancy Allen, Maine Green Party
Matsimela Mapfumo (Mark Thompson) Umoja Party (DC)
Jim Sykes, Alaska Green Party
Abraham Gutmann, New Mexico Green Party
Tom Linzey, Pennsylvania Green Party
Peter Camejo, Progressive Assets, Mgmt.
Dave Richardson, Democratic Socialists of America
Carlos Munoz, Jr., UC-Berkeley
Conrad Martin, Fund for Constitutional Government
Dona Spring, Berkeley City Council

*Conference Planning Committee

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