Yajur Veda:  Pratah  Sandhya Vandanam


Kesavadi Tarpanam

Procedure  Notes

Video download: Kesavadi Tarpanam (27secs) 4.7 meg

  1. Similar to Arghyam but the heels need not be raised - hold tumbler in the left hand between thumb and first finger.
  2. Hold both palms together, separating the thumb of the right hand from rest of fingers.
  3. Take water in both palms - holding palms at the level of the face.
  4. Recite mantra verbally - let water through the tips of the finger to the ground. Offer 1 tarpanam 

    Om keshavaM tarpayaami
    Om naaraayaNaM tarpayaami
    Om maadhavaM tapayaami
    Om govindaM tarpayaami
    Om vishhNuM tarpayaami
    Om madhusuudanaM tarpayaami
    Om trivikramaM tarpayaami
    Om vaamanaM tarpayaami
    Om shriidharaM tarpayaami
    Om hR^ishhiikeshaM tarpayaami
    Om padmanaabhaM tarpayaami
    Om daamodaraM tarpayaami

  Step 1,2,3

            Step 4