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Title: RE: Transliteration of Nalayira DivyaPrabandham

Dear Smt Ranjani mohan,


adiyen is delighted to note that the divya prabandham has been transliterated with meaning. adiyen has made a similar attempt and entire divya prabandham is now available in devanagari and partly in kannada and telegu also in our site under divya prabandham link.

We require some one to proof read them and correct the typos. The bhagavatha whom you have referred can help us in this regard. In this cyber world, it would be appropirate to have them in the web rather than a book.

If Sri A R Srinivasan swami has an email id pls pass on this to him and let him contact me.

We have type the meaning and make it electronically available globally as a kaimkaryam. If we find a sponsor than we can publish it.


dasan venkat

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Subject: Saranagathi Re: [SriRangaSri] Transliteration of Nalayira

Dear Sri Venkat,

If you feel so, you may request them to visit our site.  This will give
fair idea to them that the text in sanskrit & english is available for
prabandam.  You can seek his help for correction of minor mistakes, instead
of printing newly the text in sanskrit/english.


Ananth N R

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Dear SrImathi Ranjanai Mohan:

Please send me samples of the text and translation
so that I can check with experts to se ewhether they
would be interested to provide the Shrama dAnam and
advise on the appropriate Technology.

NamO NaarAyaNAya ,
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Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2003 4:53 AM
Subject: [SriRangaSri] Transliteration of Nalayira DivyaPrabandham

> Hi Everyone,
> I am a resident of Bangalore.  Recently I came across a person, Sri A.R.
> Srinivasan from Malleshwaram, Bangalore, who has transliterated the
> Divya Prabandam in Devanagari. Along with the Sanskrit Transliteration,
> has also provided an english word for word translation and meaning.   His
> purpose for doing this was to reach out to North Indian Srivaishnavas and
> other people who may be familiar with Sanskrit.  Unfortunately, all his
> is handwritten and none of his work has been published or printed.
> Many people have come forward to publish this, but nothing has happened
> date.  Coming from a family of modest income, he was wondering if there
> anybody or any group of people interested in taking the task in
> and aiding the project of putting the Divya Prabandam translation and
> Devanagari Transliteration onto a CD for distribution.  He is open to new
> ideas such has including an English Transliteration along with the
> In case you are interested, or you know someone is interested, please
> me at ranjanimohan@xxxxxxxxxxxx at your earliest.  I can also send you
> samples of his work.
> Thank you,
> Ranjani
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