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Here is a detailed mail on this subject by  Sri Anand Karalapakkam.


SrI LakshmInRusimha ParabramhaNE namaH
SrI LakshmInRusimha divya pAdukA sEvaka SrIvaN SaThakOpa -
 SrI nArAyaNa yatIndra mahAdESikAya namaH

namO nArAyaNa!

 Dear all,

 A devotee asked for the meaning of the tanian of current
 Azhagiyasi~ngar's tanian. Here it goes ....

 Tanian of SrImad Villivalam Azhagiyasi~ngar (45th paTTam),
 SrI NArAyaNa yatIndra mahAdESika  :

 SrImat-ra~nga-SaThAri samyamivarAt(l)-labhda-aagama-anta-dvayam
    SrImat-vIra-raghUtvahAdya-SaThajit-pAdAravinda-aaSrayam |
 SrImat-vEda-avatamsa-dESikayatEH kAruNya-vIkshA-aaspadam
    sEvE ra~nga-dhurINa-SAsana-vaSam nArAyaNam yOginam ||

 Meaning :

 My salutations/worship unto nArAyaNa yOgi who

 a. Obtained/Learnt ubhaya-vEdAnta from In~jimETTu

 b. took refuge at the lotus feet of DEvanArviLAgam Azhagiyasi~ngar;

 c. was the recipient of the merciful glances of MukkUr

 d. is attracted to the royal command of Lord Ra~nganAtha.

 Allied features to be remembered for these four things respectively:

 * Ubhaya-VEdAnta kAlakshEpam and also SamASrayaNam under
   In~jimETTu Azhagiyasi~ngar.

 * Bhara-nyAsam, apart from Ubhaya-VEdAnta kAlakshEpam too under
   DEvanArviLAgam Azhagiyasi~ngar.

 * Nominated as a yati by Mukkur Azhagiyasi~ngar.

 * The sannyAsa-Aashrama svIkAram took place at SrI-ra~ngam.

  Notes :

 * SaThAri refers to one who his the enemy of SaTha vAyu, which
   actually influences the new born babies to get bounded by
   prakRuti ie.samsAra. Since NammAzhvAr controlled the SaTha-vAyu,
   he is addressed as "SaThAri". SaThakOpa implies a similar
   meaning. SaThajit also refers to the same meaning.
   (ji => To conquer).

 * The first AchArya of SrI Ahobila Muth is SrI Aadi-vaN SaThakOpa
   JIyar. Intimate connection got established between this JIyar
   and NammAzhvAr when the former obtained the latter's
   archa-mUrti at AazhvAr thirunagari and re-concecrated it.
   The title "vaN-SaThakOpa" is used for all the JIyars who
   followed this JIyar. Some JIyars had "SaThakOpa" as a part of
   their thirunAmam (name) also. The first JIyar was named as
   "SaThakOpa" Yati by Lord Lakshmi NRusimha.

 * ra~nga-SaThAri refers to SrI SrIra~nga SaThakOpa yatIndra -
   mahAdESika, popularly known as In~jimETTu Azhagiyasi~ngar
   (42nd paTTam). yati-indra implies "Prince of Yatis". Originally,
   Bhagavad RAmAnuja was known as "YatIndra" and "YatirAja".
   Many sannyAsis of this sampradAyam do caryy over that title.
   dESika implies "AchArya".

 * samyami is same as yati Or SannyAsi. To be more specific,
   it refers to one who has controlled all indriyas and mind,
   for performing yOga/dhyAna on SrIman NArAyaNa,the Para-Bramhan.

 * samyamivarAt + labdha = samyamivarAllabdha.

 * labh => To obtain.

 * aagama-anta-dvayam refers to Ubhaya-VEdAnta. aagama-anta is the
   end of aagama ie.vEdas, which is vEda-anta = vEdAnta.
   Ubhaya-VEdAnta => Twin-VEdAnta, comprising that of Sanskrit as
   well as Tamil (by AzhwArs).

 * vIra-raghUtvahAdya-SaThajit : This refers to SrI VIrarAghava
   yatIndra mahAdESika, popularly known as dEvanArviLAgam
   Azhagiyasi~ngar (43rd paTTam). The middle word refers to
   one born in the lineage of King Raghu, implying the name
   Raghava (RAma).

 * avatamsa refers to "crown". vEda-avatamsa refers to vEdAnta.

 * vEda-avatamsa-dESika-yatEH refers to SrI VEdAnta dESika yatIndra
   mahAdESika, popularly known as MukkUr Azhagiyasi~ngar
  (44th paTTam).

 * vIkshA implies seeing,glance.

 * dhurINaH implies "Chief" Or "Lord" / "Master". ra~nga-dhurINa
   implies ra~nganAtha.

 * SAsanam implies "Royal Command" or "Law".

 aDiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,
 anantapadmanAbhan alias Anand
 Villivalam Azhagiyasi~ngar thiruvaDi.

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