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Greatness of Thiruvaimozhi 

CHENNAI, SEPT. 3. What constitutes immense wealth in
this world? Some may categorise it as money, precious
gems, machinery or mansions. Few others may hold
scientific temperament capable of impacting lifestyle
changes on the society at large to be the ideal
possession on earth. Such divergent views are a result
of our emotional attachment. 

It is said that at the time of creation the foetus was
asked by God whether it wanted worldly riches or
liberation through a devotional way of life. Although
the budding human being invariably opted for the
latter, after birth the person moved away from the
original goal of attaining God. As Lord Krishna says
in the Bhagavad Gita ``Great souls who have reached
highest perfection, having come to Me, are no more
subjected to rebirth which is the abode of sorrow, and
transitory by nature. How then does one attain such an
exalted state?'' 

The Vedas stipulate the guiding principles essential
for a man's ultimate salvation, but none can
understand the full import of them easily. Literal
translation alone will not serve the purpose, anymore
than taking the proverb ``the stone is the master'' at
its face value. Deep knowledge is required to
understand the finer nuances of the works. The Vedas
are the repositories of true wealth and commentaries
on them by great people such as saint Ramanuja are
hailed as beacons of light to the floundering flock.
Again, the suggestions to aspirants to seek the
hallowed feet of Lord Ranganatha is also a reference
to the Vaishnavite saints ? the Azhwars, said Sri.
M.V. Ananthapadmanabhan in his discourse. The Divya
Prabhandam, in particular the Thiruvaimozhi is hailed
as the Dravidian veda since it contains the essence of
the Sama Veda. 

There was once a man who habitually chewed on what he
thought was an areca nut while discoursing on the
Divya Prabhanda. However, it was discovered that the
nut was in fact the sacred Saligrama. When one of the
attendants devoutly placed the same in the puja room
after due rituals, God appeared in his dream stating
He wanted neither flowers nor rituals when He could be
in the proximity of the Prabhandam exponent. 

Scholars reiterate that while the Vedas are scared of
half-baked tutors, the works of the Azhwars are
comprehensive and hence widely applicable. The works
of these saints issue forth out of the agony of
distancing from the Lord. There is no such thing as
tedium for the Azhwars when it comes to their beloved
Lord who is present everywhere

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