Camp David - Accords
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Visit the LIA archives, UNC Chapel Hill home of the Presidential Libraries IDEA Network and other useful information resources. Or go directly to the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library to locate other materials related to the Carter Administration and information about the Carter Library's special project for the Atlanta 1996 Olympics. Go to PRESIDENT, the Presidential Libraries IDEA Network for an overview of the presidential libraries and their holdings. Or visit the Clinton White House.

Finally, you can visit SunSITE Classic, UNC Chapel Hill, one of the premier information resources on the world wide Internet.

You can obtain a list of the reference works on the Middle East used to help prepare this exhibit. Try the Patch High simulation of Mid-East Conflict. Or for some basic information, try the Government of Israel's Information gopher. Lastly, contact the WWW search center [Lycos] at Carnegie-Mellon University to obtain information on any subject covered on the WorldWide Web.