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Important Notice: The IFCSS/CCIC server has been off-line for quite some time. CCIC has also been de-linked with the current official IFCSS site. The Internet Chinese Text Archive (a.k.a. Xiaoyu's Collection) is currently being served through iBiblio at:

The archive is no longer being updated, as well as this page here. It is now just preserved through iBiblio as part of Internet history. Information related to the mirroring sites may be found from iBiblio's mirror section. iBiblio (formerly, the UNC's SunSITE, MetaLab) is the largest and oldest public digital archive site on the Internet.

His Holiness the Grand Master of the Great Empire of China has created this very first archive of Chinese text files ever existed on the Internet. It is also one of the largest Chinese archive sites to the present day. It has been maintained by the Grand Master himself ever since its birth in A.D. 1991. The collection was named after the Grand Master of Great Empire of China as "Xiaoyu's Collection" by the "collective wisdom" of the IFCSS/CCIC Administration when the collection was relocated there in late A.D. 1993. It is also jokingly and affectionately called by many Chinese language users on the Internet as the "Carp Temple". The archive is now still maintained on the FTP site of the Chinese Community Information Center of Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars. His Holiness the Grand Master later also became one of the volunteer members of the Chinese Community Information Center, serving the overseas Chinese community. 大中华帝国国师不甚了了真人 于帝元二二一二年(也即公元一九九一年) 率先成立了这个英特网上第一个中文收藏库,到目前为止, 它仍是网上最大的几个中文文库之一。它最早以FTP形式存于所在工作 单位(美国超级超导对撞机实验室)他所主管的伺服机上,后来由于工作 的变更,改迁于现在所在的 “全美学自联”伺服机。但这些年来,该中文 文库的所有收藏则一直由国师亲自鳞选、收集、整理、存档。 在帝元二二一四年(也即公元一九九三年)年底乔迁至“全美学自联”伺服机以后, 为了与其他“全美学自联”上的收藏的命名习惯保持一致性,国师的这个中文 文库遵从全体“全美学自联”服务机管理员的建议,更名为 “Xiaoyu's Collection”。 其后,因网客们曾一度开玩笑地冠以国师名号为“鲤鱼”,故而这个收藏 也就被顺理成章地被网上不少人亲切地称为“鲤鱼庙”了。 这个网上中文收藏库至今仍由“全美学自联”服务机提供服务, 而国师本人后来也成为了负责管理这个 “全美学自联华人社区信息中心” 的自愿组织的成员 之一,竭诚为海外的中国人群体效劳。
This archive is now re-named by the Grand Master as "The Great Empire of China -- The Internet Chinese Text Archive". In addition to the direct mirror sites of this collection (listed below), the content of the Xiaoyu's Collection has been downloaded across the Internet since A.D. 1991 by thousands and thousands of Chinese readers around the world. As a matter of fact, quite a lot of the contents archived at many popular Chinese collection sites today (including quite a few in North America or in China) have their direct origin from the Xiaoyu's Collection. Now, please follow the link here to take a look and download stuff there from the Internet Chinese Text Archive. 这个中文收藏中心,现在已经正式地被国师命名为 “大中华帝国英特网中文文库” 除了下面所列的一些直接的镜像基地以外,自它诞生之日起,其所载 内容已被全世界英特网上成千上万的中国人和中文使用者下载。 事实上,后来网上出现的不少“中文文库”上(无论在北美或中国国内), 有不少的内容则是直接从这个“鲤鱼庙”转载来的。 欢迎您跟随这里的联结点,前往 “英特网中文文库”一睹为快。
(Note: All the files archived there are coded as GuoBiao format, i.e. the National Standard for Chinese Coding of People's Republic of China. You need programs able to handle the coding in order to read them. Software for Chinese Computing may be found at the IFCSS-CCIC archive as well. Believe it or not, the FTP site of Chinese Community Information Center is the de facto authority on the Internet for archives related to China, Chinese language and Chinese computing.) (敬请注意:该文库所收藏的文件采用的中文编码为 中华人民共和国国家汉字编码标准,您使用的阅读软 件、计算系统、浏览器等,必须与此兼容方可阅读。 许多的与中文有关的软件, 其实可以在“全美学自联”的 “爱妇踢屁”服务机上找到。信不信由你,其实这个 “华人社区信息中心”乃是 英特网上最权威的有关中国、中文、中文计算和网络的收藏站。)

Mirror Sites:

There are quite a few ftp sites around the world that mirror the contents of the "Xiaoyu's Collection", although some of them might contain only partial contents or do not reflect any changes of the collection in a timely manner. They can be still used by you as an alternative to your access. Here are the list of the ftp mirror sites for the "Xiaoyu's Collection". As far as we learned, the Chinese government in Beijing has implemented IP filtering at router's level to block a few black-listed sites (including IFCSS/CCIC) on the Internet which they do not wish Internet users inside China to access. So these mirror sites may be very useful for people to get around the block.


除了“全美学自联”以外,全球英特网上还有几个镜像基地,专门 镜像转载包括“英特网电子中文文库”的内容。虽然它们中有的 地方并不能全部或即时地映射文库的内容,但他们仍然不失为一个好的 联机接近的地方。特别是考虑到不同地理位置带来的网络下载速率的差 异,加之北京的中国政府现在为了限制国内网络用户的自由,已经在与 国际网络接口的路由器上设置IP过滤关卡,封锁少数上了黑名单 (包括“全美学自联”在内)的基地,不让国内的网客接近。因而 这些基地也许可以作为绕道的站点使用。

Important Hints of Using Chinese on Web:

Now you should be able to view Chinese language of the archive from the link here directly, if you are using Netscape 2.0.x and above . If you have Chinese fonts installed in your X window environment, you can just select the menu "Option/Document Encoding/Simplified Chinese" and select the Chinese fonts in menu "General Preferences/fonts", then you are ready to view the Chinese GuoBiao code in the Netscape.


自网景导航器2.0开始,网景浏览器已经能够全面支持中文编码。 只要您装上相应的中文字型(无论在X视窗或者中文个人计算机系统上), 您只要对您的浏览器加以设置(参阅“选项”菜单),便可以直接在 浏览器中阅读中文。

You may read more about using Chinese on Netscape 2.0.x and above from a help page by Jerry Liao in Germany (or if it is too slow, try its mirror site in the North America). For information about reading Chinese on the WWW for various platforms other than the Unix/Xwindow, His Holiness highly recommends this extensive help page written by Liu Shunguo, which might be very good for you to start with. 您可以从 这个帮助家页上学到更多的关于在网景浏览器上使用中文的说明 (或者,如果您的联线太慢,不妨考虑用 它在北美的镜像站)。而有关在万维网中的不同计算机平台上 阅读中文的信息,国师向您推荐 刘顺国所作的 这个内容更全的帮助家页。至少作为一个不错的起始点。
For Users on Stanford University's Leland Systems:

Please read the document -- How To Use Chinese In Leland Academic Computing Environment, written by the Grand Master himself when he was working at Computing and Communication Services of the University (which manages the Leland Systems). The document is now maintained by the web page group of Stanford University's local Chinese students association ACSSS. There is one special section in that document introducing to Stanford's Leland System users about viewing Chinese in Netscape.


请阅读这篇说明书-- “如何在利兰系统学术计算机群上使用中文”(英文)。 这篇文章是国师在斯坦福大学的 计算与通讯服务部工作期间掌管 利兰系统时所作。 它现在改收进斯坦福大学 的当地中国学生组织 “斯坦福中国学生学者联谊会” 负责的家页中去。其中一部分便是介绍如何在利兰系统上用网景浏览器 阅读中文。