Usenet Info Center Launch Pad

Welcome to the Usenet Info Center, your source for Usenet Information. This service contains pointers to many useful Usenet FAQ's and the Newsgroups Info Center -- what the project is really about. The Newsgroups Info Center is your source for info on Usenet's Newsgroups. It contains a heritage browsable list of the newsgroups and a way to search for a group of interest. The Newsgroups Info Center is one of the first big attempts to gather all the useful information on a group in one location; including a long description. For more info please see the FAQ, or for some history check out history archives.

This server can be slow at times so if you want some quick info on this project check out the Usenet Info Center's TRUE home site, however don't expect to find much more than a FAQ and a few information files.

If you want to know a little more about me...check out my own personal home page.

If you are new to Usenet I suggest you read the documents in the order given...

Please add this page to your list/index (if you have one) when it is appropriate, to help spread the word around. Just be sure to leave me ( a note. If you are going to give it a description please use the offical one at the beginning of the page.

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