People who submitted a good number of descriptions: 
	Neil Pawson <> 
	Daniel Barrett <>

Mirroring my site:
	Mahesh Ramachandran <> (
	Jonathan Magid <> (

Giving me some sound advice:
	Robert E. Maas <> (desc-have, desc-still-needed)
	Jeff Dege <> (Suggesting change of name)
        Steve Fenwick <>  (Suggesting change of name)
	Jim Jewett <> (making me aware of news.g'.reviews)
	Cameron Laird <claird@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM> (pointing out 'g'_arc'.h')
	All those people who corrected spelling and grammer errors

The authors of the Post on news.lists:
	*.answers moderation team (List of Periodic Info' Postings, Part *)
	David C Lawrence <> (Mailing Lists Avail' in Usenet
				List of Moderators for Usenet, 
				List of Active Newsgroups, Part *, &
				Alternative 'group Hierarchies, Part *)
	Brian Reid <reid@decwrl.DEC.COM> (USENET Readership report for *)
	Gene Spafford <> (Original author of List ' Mod',
				List of Active 'groups, & Alt' 'group Hier')
	John Gilmore <hoptoad!gnu> (Another Original author of 
                                Alt' 'group Hier')

	Jonathan Magid & Colomb Chris <{jem,chris}>
				(Letting me use there WWW site)
        Thomas A Fine <> (faq's via WWW)

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