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Our intent here is to provide knowledge-seekers with a few logical jump-off points into the net, rather than a comprehensive listing. The online universe is rich in resources; a number of intelligent, highly creative and dedicated people have put a lot of effort into seeking a peaceful conclusion to the war on drugs.


NORMLis the grandparent of marijuana law reform groups. You can email them.

Families Against Mandatory Minimums is a group opposed to one of the most horrific aspects of the war on drugs.

Amnesty International criticizes several aspects of the American legal system, including our inhumane treatment of drug war prisoners.

The Drug Reform Coordination Network issues timely bulletins on drug reform matters, and runs a mailing list.

The American Civil Liberties Union hasn't paid enough attention to the freedom-eroding effects of the war on drugs, but it remains a valuable resource for Bill of Rights defenders.

FEAR is Forfeiture Endangers American Rights, an organization working to end the now-common practice of seizing the property of citizens who in many cases have not even been convicted of any crime.

Californians for Compassionate Use is an organization dedicated to securing legal access to therapeutic marijuana for patients suffering from cancer, AIDS, and other serious medical conditions.


The Constitution of the United States is the best reason of all to end the war.

Drug-Related Network Resources is a very complete listing; everything you need to start exploring.

Cerebus the Gopher lists a lot of primary citations and well-sourced media excerpts.

DrugText reflects the Dutch perspective on drug law reform, particularly interesting because the Dutch have actually adopted reform. Their opinions are thus based on actual results, rather than speculation.

Interesting Sites

Hemp B.C. is an energetic Canadian organization, with a large web presence and a well-produced magazine, as well as an online catalog store.

Cannabis... is a colorful and nicely-designed page devoted to the most popular illegal drug.

Hemprock: Hemp on the Net! is another slick, well-designed page.

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