WARSTOP: Guerilla Politics for the War on Drugs

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WARSTOP is a forum devoted to developing new ways to stop the war on drugs in the United States. We believe it's possible to negotiate a just peace; we just have to find a way to drag the drug warriors to the peace table, before they drag us to the Fourth Reich. Do you think this is an extreme statement? Former Los Angeles Chief of Police Daryl Gates has said in deadly earnest that casual drug users should be taken out and shot, since they are traitors in the war on drugs.

A New Approach

The driving force behind WARSTOP is our observation that past and current efforts to end the war have not as yet succeeded, and that in many respects, the war is being escalated. We admire and respect all the good people who have worked hard to educate people, who have put forward responsible views on the war, who have fought the battle against totalitarianism in the courts, who have protested, who have been jailed for their beliefs, who have attempted to organize grassroots political support for peace. We hope and believe that their faith and perseverance will someday be rewarded, but we think there may be other ways to hasten that day. We think it's time to get tough.

Fighting Back

Our first project will be to target for retirement a politician whose views seem particularly cruel and inhumane: Representative Gerald B.H. Solomon (R, NY), a senior Congressman, presently chairman of the House Rules Committee. In brief, our hope is that by mobilizing a national effort to aid his political opponents in the '96 primary and, if necessary the general election, we can send a strong unambiguous message to other political drug warriors that it is no longer safe to make political capital from the sufferings of the war's victims. We believe this will prove effective in bringing peace a little closer.

Why Solomon?

Solomon is vulnerable to such an act of guerilla politics. He had the poor judgement to challenge Newt Gingrich for the Speaker's gavel last fall, and there was public speculation that Gingrich might give the chairmanship of Solomon's powerful Rules Committee to a less-senior Republican. Furthermore, as his ravings about the war on drugs become more irrational and extreme, it's probable that the people of his district will come to regard him as an embarassment. Finally, he has a penchant for telling outrageous lies and all indications are that he doesn't understand the error-checking aspects of Internet many-to-many communication, which makes it so much more difficult to get away with the Big Lie political tactic. The net can expose him for what he is.

How You Can Help

Good reasons why America no longer requires Solomon's services

Guest Editorials

Famous and Infamous Quotes: Decide for yourself which category Solomon's public utterances belong to.

"We Were Butterflies:" a cautionary tale first published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, August 1990.

The Casualties have Faces: The war on drugs is really a war on people.

Continuing Education: Visit other sites and learn more about the war on drugs.

Souvenir Postcard: After learning all about Rep. Solomon, send your legislators a postcard that expresses your views.

The Constitution of the United States: This is the document that Rep. Solomon and his fellow demagogues would like to destroy. They've made a lot of progress already.

If Big Brother's watching, stare back. He doesn't like it.

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