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Good reasons why America no longer requires Solomon's services

Solomon wants to step up the War on Drugs.

Solomon is one of the bloodthirstiest of Congressional drug warriors. He believes that the only reason we haven't won the war of drugs is that we really haven't begun to fight it yet. He obviously does not see the victims of the war as human beings; he wants them to be punished much more harshly than is the case now. Would he be happy if America emulated those regimes which deal with the drug problem by simply executing drug criminals? I'd like to ask him. Meanwhile, listen to the guy rave.

Solomon wants to weaken the Constitution.

Solomon supports initiatives to gut the Fourth Amendment by weakening the exclusionary rule. If he has his way, the police will no longer have to get a warrant before making searches and seizures, because in order to use evidence acquired in a warrantless search, the police can simply tell a judge that they acted in good faith--whatever that means. The issue of unreasonable search and seizure was one of the major precipitating factors in the War of Independence; clearly Solomon would have not have fought on George Washington's side.

Solomon wants to silence his opponents.

Here's another way Solomon is attempting to subvert the Constitution he swore to uphold. He recently introduced legislation to take away the tax-exempt status of any group which advocates legalizing drugs. Apparently Solomon is so fearful of public discussion that he's willing to attack the First Amendment to preclude the possibility. H. R. 1453 is his attempt to stifle free speech. He's so frightened of rational debate on this issue that he introduced H.R. 135 to prohibit federally funded inquiries into the merits of legalization.

Solomon doesn't want the federal government to support AIDS research.

Solomon apparently thinks that people who get AIDS should have the grace to die off quickly, leaving the world a cleaner place. This fits in well with his attitudes about homosexuals and drug users. I would guess he believes that any young person who fails to practice chastity also deserves to die. Take a look at his beliefs.

Solomon is a racist.

It should surprise no one who has read the above information that Solomon is also a racist. Solomon's arrogance in this regard is surprising, even for a demagogue who has built his career on fomenting hatred. In a remarkably obtuse move, as reported on Jan. 23. 1995, by the Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service, Solomon decided to honor the late Congressman Howard W. Smith by dusting off his portrait and rehanging it in the House Rules Committee room. Smith was a notorious bigot who served as chairman of the Rules Committee... Solomon's present position. During Smith's term most attempts to pass civil rights legislation died in committee. Smith once justified slavery on the grounds that the Roman and Egyptians had built great civilizations using slaves, and said "racial intermixture is abominable to us." Solomon is unimpressed by Smith's critics. "I can still admire the fact that he was able to use the powers of the committee to reflect the will of the House, both in processing bills a majority wanted and in blocking bills they did not," Solomon said. Presumably Solomon intends to emulate his idol by blocking any proposals that might lead to peace in the war on drugs.

Solomon is a hypocrite.

While one of his favorite subjects is the iniquitous nature of recreational drugs, and society's obligation to crush the lives of any persons who would use such dangerous substances, a look at Solomon's campaign finances shows that he has accepted contributions from interests supporting one of the most dangerous of recreational drugs, tobacco. In fact, he took more money from the tobacco lobby than from any other agricultural special interest, even though there are probably no tobacco farmers in his Central New York district.

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