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About the Project Bibliographies

General notes about the origins, scope, and nature of the Project's interactive bibliographies on Walker Percy

Overview of the Project's Bibliographies

This bibliography, expanded and updated through early 2016, was originally compiled by Henry P. Mills and published in The Southern Quarterly (Univ. of Southern Mississippi). Vol. XXXIV, No. 2, Winter, 1996. The original version carried listings through 1993; however, the issue featured added General Notes about the state of Percy scholarship through 1996. Compilation of the bibliography involved, in part, a catalog search of no less than thirty-five major university library systems.

Goals of the Project's Bibliographies

In the main, the resources located in the Project Bibliographies section update the major Percy resources to the present and provide the essential works necessary to advance inquiry into Percy's writings and thought. In addition, they provide a useful breakdown of all materials into manageable categories. The updated bibliographies are indebted to the earlier work of Linda Whitney Hobson, Victor A. Kramer et al., and Stuart T. Wright as described in the Project's Books on Percy section. From the range and quantity of materials available on Percy, one can easily recognize his formidable stature as an important American literary figure of the late-20th century.