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Copyright Policies

Copyright Policies of The Walker Percy Project and Its Website Content


The following General Statement of Copyright applies to all content found on this website. View the Terms and Conditions of The Walker Percy Project website for specific information about privacy, security, and other website policies.

General Statement of Copyright

All rights reserved. The Walker Percy Project is an online educational resource for students, scholars, general readers, and other visitors interested in the work, thought, and life of the literary figure Walker Percy and writings about him. All original content in the Project's pages is ©The Walker Percy Project, 1995-2019.

The design, images, and text of this website are copyrighted and may not be duplicated for use in other websites or publications, whether print or digital, in part or whole, without the express written permission of the Project.

For those cases where the Project itself has re-published or integrated the work of others (e.g., written material, photographs, quotes, etc.), rightful acknowledgment and ownership of those materials should be given to the original source and permissions obtained directly from the copyright holder when necessary. Standards of Fair Use Guidelines apply as introduced in the following section.

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Fair Use is Permitted

As a general overview, Fair Use Guidelines of copyrighted material allow the use of protected materials for non-commercial educational purposes, such as teaching, scholarship, research, criticism, commentary, and news reporting.

COMMERCIAL USE: Commercial use of the Project's material is prohibited without prior permission from the Project. Material on the Project website may be quoted or reproduced for educational purposes without prior permission, provided appropriate attribution is given to the Project.

REPRINTED MATERIAL: Material reproduced on the Project's website wherein the copyright is held by another entity must not be redistributed without the copyright holder's permission. Users are responsible for contacting the copyright holder for permissions beyond Fair Use Guidelines.

PROJECT PUBLIC FORUMS: When quoting individuals who have made posts on Public Forums on this website (e.g., Percy-L, Stories Forum) or the Project's Archives website, users are equally responsible for following standard fair use practices.

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Permissions Related to Walker Percy's Writings

WRITINGS OF WALKER PERCY: Please note that all permissions related to the use of Walker Percy's writings should be directed to his literary agents, McIntosh & Otis, Inc. The Project has no relationship with his agents, nor is in any position to faciliate permissions.

FAMILY OF WALKER PERCY: The Walker Percy Project has no information available about contacting the Percy family.

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Appropriate attribution for the any materials printed from the Project website should include the printed phrase:
Courtesy of The Walker Percy Project,

The following html code can be captured for embedding on websites to provide Project attribution:

Otherwise, standard MLA research notation can be used to record use of The Walker Percy Project website as a source of research.

The Walker Percy Educational Project is a volunteer effort and is not affiliated with the Manuscripts Department of The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Library, Archive of the "Walker Percy Papers." Neither the University, its Libraries, nor the Project's network host,, is responsible for content published on The Walker Percy Project website.

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External Links and Content

Some Project pages may provide links to other Internet websites for related content for visitor convenience or interest. The Walker Percy Project is not responsible for the availability or content of these external sites, nor does the Project endorse, warrant, or guarantee the information, services, or products described or offered on these other websites.

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Questions, Queries, or Concerns Regarding Use of Content

After reading the above information, please contact the Project with any specific questions regarding use of content from the Project's website that are not covered. For the benefit of other users, if you locate broken links in this website, please notify the Project.

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Related Information for Users

Last Updated: February 14, 2017

The Walker Percy Project is a volunteer effort. Though the Project is hosted by the Ibiblio Network of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, it is not formally associated with any university, government, state, or other agency.