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The Walker Percy Project

Special Acknowledgments & Credits

The Walker Percy Project has relied on the efforts and resources of many who deserve special acknowledgements and credits

General Dedication

The Walker Percy Project is dedicated to future generations of readers and students yet to discover the literary and philosophical writings of Walker Percy.

Special Acknowledgments

The director of The Walker Percy Project would like to formally recognize with special acknowledgment the following organizations and individuals for their assistance in making the Project possible in foundational ways:

Organizational Acknowledgments

Additional organizational acknowledgements are due for The Walker Percy Symposium, The Walker Percy Society, St. Tammany Parish Public Library, Maple Street Book Shop, Faust Publishing, and Ray Access. Recognition is due for the following professional literary publications for assisting in the promotion of the Project: The Delta Factor, Literature and Belief Journal, Southern Quarterly, Southern Register, Society for the Study of Southern Literature, and Publications of the Modern Language Association.

Individual Acknowledgments

Additional individual acknowledgements are due for Carl Blyth, Bob Breihan, Eddie Dupuy, David Duty, Rhoda K. Faust, Eric Jannson, Paul Jones, Charles Lowry, Kathryn Miller, Gregory Plemmons, Donna Rogers, Vicki Salloum, Carol Schlenk Jan Shoemaker, Marcus Smith, Kathy M. Smith, Judy Waiz, Joel Wiggins, Cindy Ybarra, and Stephen Young.

The director expresses appreciation to countless others listed in the Project's Participants section and those visitors who have had supportive words for the Project.

Finally, yet not least, the director express appreciation for the support and encouragement of my family, including my parents, Catherine and Henry; my siblings, Catherine, Thomas, and Preston; my grandparents I was able to know, Henry and Frances Mills (who themselves were educators); and my extended family, including many aunts and uncles.

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Credits for Photographs, Art, & Quotes

While specific credits are referenced throughout this website, The Walker Percy Project would like to offer additional information on credits given to the photographers and artists whose work is included in the Project as follows. Please refer to the Copyright Policies page for reuse information.

Photograph Credits

The image of Walker Percy on the homepage (grey screened) was originally designed by Herb Yellin, Lord John Press, as appeared in Diagnosing the Modern Malaise (Faust Publishing, 1985); original photograph courtesy of and copyright Rhoda K. Faust, Maple Street Book Shop, New Orleans, La. The photographs of Walker Percy and of his books located in the Photograph Gallery and the Walker Percy photograph used for the Project logo on the top left corner of each website page are courtesy of and copyright Rhoda K. Faust. The Walker Percy image (color thumbnail) provided in the Exhibits section, and the items in the exhibit "A Messy Message in the Bottle," are courtesy of and copyright Rhoda K. Faust. The Project also wishes to acknowledge Faust's donation of a sizeable collection of surplus and scholarly and special edition Walker Percy books to the Project, as well as select Percy memorabilia and other courtesies too numerable to name.

Other individual photographs throughout the website are credited where individual photographs appear.

All uncredited images or incidental images appearing in the website are either in the public domain, such as commerical book covers, or are used under the Fair Use Guidelines as described for educational purposes.

Art Credits

Walker Percy: An Interactive Allegorical Portrait
The image design for the portrait is by James Janknegt and Henry P. Mills and the original art creation by Janknegt (1996); the collage pieces are used under Fair Use Guidelines for the educational purposes of the exhibit.

"Hope and Glory" as inspired by The Moviegoer
The artist for this painting is James Janknegt (painting located on the Summary of The Moviegoer page).

Quote Credits

All quotes by Walker Percy or other individuals appearing in the website are used under the Fair Use Guidelines for educational purposes and to enhance the visitor experience of The Walker Percy Project website.

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Questions Regarding Use of Content

Questions regarding the use of or republication of content on the Project's website should be directed to the Project contact page. Please refer to the Copyright Policies page prior to contacting the Project.

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