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What People Are Saying about The Walker Percy Project

Kind Words Shared By Our Visitors

"You cannot possibly know (or perhaps you can) how delighted I am to find out about the existence of 'The Walker Percy Project'..."
— Carolyn Burns, Utah

"When I found my way [to the project], I was amazed at the information. How I wish I had had access to that kind of data when I first started writing about Percy!...I'm glad it's there now; it's an extremely valuable resource..."
— Gary Ciuba, Author of Walker Percy: Books of Revelations

"What a great project!...I love what you're doing!...Somewhere in the universe, Walker is smiling!"
— Robert Coles, Author of Walker Percy: An American Search and Editor of DoubleTake

"I am a current student at Canisius College...I do not have a great deal of money but I would like to send you a few dollars so that you could have dinner or a cup of coffee..."
— A Student Visitor

"I'd like to express my personal appreciation to you for developing the Percy archive...previous to this event I only vaguely knew who Walker Percy was...after looking at your pages, I was intrigued enough to grab [several Percy novels]..."
— Chris Colomb, North Carolina

"Your hard work gladdens the heart of this Percyite...blessings for your endeavor..."
— Lewis Lawson, author of Following Percy and Still Following Percy

"[The Walker Percy] web site is quite impressive. What you've done should be a model for all future Web sites that have a scholarly purpose..."
— Stephen Young, Editor of The Southern Quarterly

"[Your] website has now become an indispensable tool for Percy scholars..."
— Jay Tolson, Author of Pilgrim in the Ruins: A Life of Walker Percy and Editor of The Wilson Quarterly

"You are exactly right! Walker would hail your project as a contribution to 'the language experiment'...thank you very much for including me in your 'loop'...good luck with your devoted work. It's a most worthwhile cause, something that offends the 'ravening particles'..."
— Linda Whitney Hobson, Author of Understanding Walker Percy and Walker Percy: A Comprehensive Descriptive Bibliography

"I want to thank you...Fantastic work...I had spent weeks working to compile a semblance of what you have done and when I found your site by a flook I about fell out of my chair..."
— Charles Martin, doctoral student

"We have just visited your site and were very impressed with what you are doing...we appreciate your splendid work with the Percy Project and look forward to helping you include LSU Press publications about Percy..."
— Maureen Hewitt, Editor-in-Chief, Louisiana State University Press

"I recall checking out the Percy site you're working on some time ago, and was impressed by it (In fact, if memory serves, it was one of the 'inspirations' for my Faulkner page...)"
— John B. Padgett

"I am a current student at Canisius College...I do not have a great deal of money but I would like to send you a few dollars so that you could have dinner or a cup of coffee on a thankful novice that found your work on the internet both helpful and inspiring."
— Anonymous e-mail

"I just wanted to encourage you in this endeavor. I was thrilled to find this site and not a little surprised. I have often felt I may be the only human actually reading Percy and enjoying it. Thanks!"
— Chris Harold