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Existing Walker Percy Bibliographies Published as Books

— The following three annotations provide descriptions of the available major bibliographies published as books, 1983-1988 (Hobson [1988], Wright [1986], Kramer et al. [1983]). Each provides specialized details not available through a standard bibliographic listing.

(1988) Walker Percy: A Comprehensive Descriptive Bibliography. Hobson, Linda Whitney. New Orleans: Faust, 1988. [Introduction by Walker Percy.]

Hobson provides the most comprehensive bibliography available on Percy for its specialized content through its publication. It is divided into two halves, treating both the primary and secondary materials by/about Percy that were available through roughly the end of 1987.

Part A offers a descriptive bibliography of Percy's writings [from ca. 1954] to April 1987 (3-70). After treating his separate cover works, she divides the remainder of Percy's writings into four groups: Reviews and review essays; Articles, introductions, essays, excerpts; Interviews, speeches, panels; and Records, tapes, miscellaneous. Each is chronologically arranged. Of special note are the photographs of Percy's first-edition books appearing in the beginning section and the listing there of the published foreign editions.

Part B covers the secondary resources to at least autumn 1987 (71-115) and is divided into three main headings: Extended works (books, bibliographies, dissertations and theses); Periodical articles and reviews, biographical material, chapters in books; and Reviews and articles in newspapers and magazines. Each is organized alphabetically by author. Special features include selected reviews of the major critical studies books, while lesser resource materials (i.e., reviews and essays) are divided by the Percy novel or non-fiction work to which they pertain.

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(1986) Walker Percy, A Bibliography, 1930-1984: Based on the Collection of the Compiler, including Books, Pamphlets, Magazines, Journals, Newspapers, etc. Wright, Stuart T. Westport, CT: Meckler, 1986

Includes 69 pp. in description of Percy's published writings to 1984.

Wright provides a chronological, descriptive bibliography of Percy writings dating from May 1930 to October 1984. It is organized according to five headings: Separate Publications; First Appearance Contributions to Books; First Appearance Contributions to Periodicals; Interviews and Published Comments; and Miscellaneous. An index is included. Special features include several offprint and domestic paperback items in Section A and a complete chronological listing of Percy's early writings, 1930-1954, in Section C.

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(1983) Andrew Lytle, Walker Percy, Peter Taylor: A Reference Guide. Kramer, Victor A., Patricia A. Bailey, Carol G. Dana, and Carl H. Griffin. Boston: G.K. Hall, pp. 61-186.

Includes writings about Percy 1961-1980, annotated.

Kramer et al. provide a year-to-year annotated bibliography of all secondary writings about Percy from the publication of The Moviegoer in 1961 to December 1980. Each year is alphabetized by author. Given its extensively cross-referenced index and strong annotations, theirs is an excellent bibliography and includes critical books, dissertations, essays, interviews, reviews, and theses for the said period (61-186).