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Eudora Welty and Walker Percy: The Concept of Home in Their Lives and Literature


Marion Montgomery

Eudora Welty and Walker Percy were very different writers. But the two friends were both from the Deep South and intensely interested in the relation of place to their fiction. This work explores in each the concept of home, the locale where one discovers oneself intellectually and finds comfort.

The differences between Welty and Percy and their fiction are revealed in the habits of their lives. Welty spent her life in Jackson, Mississippi, and was very much a member of the community. Percy was a wanderer who finally settled in Covington, Louisiana, because it was, to him, a "noplace." The author asserts that Percy envied Welty and her stability in Jackson and, though he was and is labeled a "Southern writer," Percy struggled to connect himself to any place at any moment.

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Marion Montgomery is professor emeritus of English at the University of Georgia. He is also the author of John Crowe Ransom and Allen Tate: At Odds about the Ends of History and the Mystery of Nature (2003) and currently lives in Crawford, Georgia.

Publication Date: 2004