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Studies in American Fiction: Walker Percy's Fiction Theme and Structure


Satya Deo Sharma

Published by for a Kindle edition in March 2015.

Table of Contents:
- Preface
- The Literary Cross-Currents: The Shaping Inferences
- The Holistic Vision: The Christianity and Humanism
- The Social Strife: The Negro Problem
- The Crusader: The Women Amelioration
- The Visionary: The Family Life
- The Fictional Feat: The Theme and Technique
- The Summing Up
- A Select Bibliography

Satya Deo Sharma is a Professor of English and Head of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at G.B. Pant University in Nagar, India. He has published a number of critical works for Kindle, as well as one paperback: Railway Babu: My Father (AuthorHouse, 2016).

Publication Date: March 2015