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On the subject of Walker Percy

I have been "onto" the wonderment and power of Walker Percy for a number of years. His science and art, will in time, I am sure, be one of the major contributions of the 20th century.

I did some fairly serious applications of Dr. Percy's theories in my dissertation in educational psychology in 1982. Walker was kind enough to respond to my letters over a 13 year period. I also had the honor of spending a rather interesting and meaningful day with Walker at one point. This visit may be written up soon for review on the homepage or on this hypermail.

I currently live in Austin, Texas. This is a pleasant thing in and of itself. But it was made even more of a pleasure when, after "surfing" the Net, I happened upon Henry P. Mills' Percy page. Since this joyful chance encounter, I have met Henry on several occasions. I want to publicly thank him for the wonderful thing he is doing with this creative and important use of the Internet. Thanks, Henry.

No one knows where all this will lead. I have a strong sense each of us has more than a thing or two to say about that. I, for one, hope to carry some of the load and, hopefully, make a minor contribution to forwarding the light and delight that Walker Percy's art and science have to offer.

David Duty

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