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Greetings from Germany

Staab, Matthias, VP (<

During one of my first expeditions in the net I discovered the Walker Percy
WWWSite. Apart from my interest in its subject it struck me as one of the
finest homepages I had come across. Thank you very much! (By which I am
trying to prove that Germans are able to write though not say: Thank you -
contrary to what Lancelot states.)

My interest in Percy dates back to an essay by German philosopher Peter
Koslowski presenting him as postmodern writer. I still don't know whether
that is really true. Since then I am fascinated by Percy's novels and his
non-fictional work, too. Being a Catholic, I was especially glad when I
discovered his faith glinting through the lines of his writings.

Though nearly all his books have been translated into German and received
mostly favorable reviews, Percy seems to be no subject of discussion here,
except maybe among American Literature scholars. As I am not part of this
community I am looking forward to hearing more about Percy's work and
meeting people admiring Percy as much as I do.

Matthias Staab

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