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Walker Percy

Donn Peters (76446.1463@COMPUSERVE.COM)

I'm Donn Peters. I've recently moved from LA after 21 years to Salt Lake City to direct a small Christian Counseling center supported by a couple of Presbyterian churches. So right now I'm doing a lot of that marketing stuff. Professionally I am psychologist of the existential Object Relations flavor, trained in a program that attempted to integrate Christian theology with psychology. I have long wrestled with my faith in attempting to integrate it with my psychology, (or for that matter life). So I'm interested in those authors (and people) who struggle in a similar fashion and those areas of learning that call for rethinking anthropological, ontological and
epistemological issues (i.e. Modern Physics).

When I read WP's stuff something inside of me resonates and I feel heard (something you'd expect a psychologist to say). I believe he's putting words on things I've felt for a long time. I think WP had it right. I believe most of our psychologies and theologies, in an attempt to be plausible to a scientific worldview, have give us theoretical structures with which we perfected the fine art of keeping ourselves alienated from ourselves, from one another and ultimately from God. What we see about us is the lost self attempting re-entry by mostly foolish means.

My favorite WP works are The Second Coming and Lost in the Cosmos. I love the satire in the space Odysseys. From WP I've become reintroduced to Sullivan and Kierkegaard and made first time acqu's with Marcel and others. Recently I taught a class in Human Nature. I used Lost in the Cosmos, a story by Flannery O'Conner, and a film as well some stuff on modern physics.

I've been truly saddened by WP's passing and wonder who will pick up the torch?


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