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Patrick Lynch (

I am a Southern California living Irishman who has been an admirer of WP since my days in college in the early '80s. I enjoy his existential bent and his crusty Catholcism combined with radical questioning of the everyday, mundane world we all seem to get lost in.

I also admit to having difficulties in taking photographs while traveling since I read WP's critique on the tourist and the Grand Canyon. I do my best to avoid getting on trains that may crash, although I secretly long to be taken up in that new, fresh view which the man on the train may have.

I try to do this by teaching high school and college. I am freshly returned from a fascinating N.E.H. Seminar on the Oral Tradition and _Beowulf_, _The Odyssey_, Native American, African-American, and African poetry where I met a fellow Percy-ain who hailed from near Covington in a small town called New Orleans. We had a few nice chats about our favorite Southern writer in the 20th century.

Finally, I also received an encouraging note from the man himself about the novel I am still pecking at and am heartily saddened at the demise of the Kumquat but wish its owner all good fortune in her decision.

When not reading Fowles, Pynchon, Joyce, and even Irvine Welsch and D.F. Wallace, I long to re-read the master of 20th C. parody and satire--WP

Yours, Patrick Lynch

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