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Personal Stories

A Public Place for Sharing Personal Responses to Walker Percy's Work

Percy Stories Forum

Photograph of Ivy StrandMany readers of Walker Percy's novels and non-fiction works have inspiring stories to share about our encounters with and personal responses to his powerful words. Hundreds upon thousands of people have found their lives deeply touched by such books as The Moviegoer and Lost in the Cosmos. Later in life, Dr. Percy himself, in person and through correspondence, was approached by countless individuals seeking to honor and thank him for the effect he had upon them and their lives.

On Reading Percy by Scholar Lewis Lawson

"Before Walker Percy, I was not much. Now this is not just a roundabout way of saying that after Percy I do amount to much, in the usual sense. I don't. What I mean is that reading Percy has forced me to think about a lot of things, which become one thing, myself.... Many another reader of Percy has told me of the same change..."

— Lewis Lawson, from the Preface to Following Percy

This public forum gives all readers — new and existing — the opportunity to share and permanently record their personal experiences with others, especially since Dr. Percy is no longer around to hear them himself. In recognition of this "mysterious phenomenon" (in the words of one careful Percy reader), of Percy's powerful effect on so many, the Project is proud to dedicate the Personal Stories Forum for use to all who feel called to contribute to it or wish to peruse the sharings of others.

All combine as a living testimony to a man whose stories do not end with his novels, but continue with us — to extend his legacy further. Please consider sharing your own extensions of his stories. How have Walker Percy's writings affected you? In what ways do you see yourself differently? Submit your entry below.

Best Percy wishes,
The Director

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