Robert E. McElwaine

Robert E. McElwaine is a known kook who posts strange, roughly related
messages on Internet mailing lists.  I have asked him to stop sending to
NT-GREEK, OT-HEBREW, and HL-7 (Health Level Seven, a computer interchange
format standards group which is part of ANSI where he posted a wonderful
liquid diet perscription.)  I think his Internet site would like a reason
to cut off his privledges without risking a 1st ammendment lawsuit.

A copy of this message confirming my request that he never post to these lists
or myself or anyone at the University of Virginia Medical Center is being sent
to him and his internet sight.  I run these lists, and security for the Medical
 Center Computing, so they are within my responsibility.


David John Marotta, Medical Center Computing, Stacey Hall
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