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David: Would you mind posting this to your list?

                      DOORS. v. II
        Directory  Of  On-line  Religion Scholars


   Earlier this year, a number of  individuals  researching  in
   the area of religious studies  responded to  the idea of
   an address book   which would make accessible the  e-addresses
   of  those who shared common interests. This  searchable
   address book is presently   available as  D.O.O.R.S.;a hyper-
   text  program that runs only on IBM compatible computers
   and  is available  via  FTP from in the
   directory pub/religion as doors1.zip.

   The time for updating the address book has come. If you
   are interested in being included  simply e-mail your name,
   institution,and area of interest to the address below. If
   possible please use DOORS as the letter subject. Since Hyper-
   text only complicated things, this version will be available
   in a flat text ( Postscript, WP, Word, Ascii).

Henry R. Leyenhorst
Department of Religious Studies
University of Ottawa

         BITNET: 524830@Uottawa
         Internet: 524830@Acadvm1.Uottawa.CA
         S-Mail: 177 Waller, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6N5 CANADA
         Voice:  (613) 258-4266
         FAX:    (613) 258-1281