History of India

Edited by A. V. Williams Jackson, Ph.D., LL.D., Professor of Indo-Iranian Languages in Columbia University

Volume 1 – From the Earliest Times to the Sixth Century, B.C.

by Romesh Chunder Dutt, C.I.E.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Ancient India and the Rig-Veda

Chapter 2 – The Indo-Aryans and Their Literature

Chapter 3 – Agriculture, Pasture, and Commerce

Chapter 4 – Food and Art in the Vedic Age

Chapter 5 – Wars and Dissensions

Chapter 6 – Social Life

Chapter 7 – Vedic Religion

Chapter 8 – The Brahmanic Period and Literature

Chapter 9 – The Epic Age – The Mahabharata

Chapter 10 – The Epic Age – The Ramayana

Chapter 11 – Aryans and Non-Aryans

Chapter 12 – Caste in the Brahmanic and Epic Age

Chapter 13 – Social life in Brahmanic and Epic Times

Chapter 14 – Law, Astronomy, and Learning

Chapter 15 – The Sacrificial Rites of the Brahmanas

Chapter 16 – The Religious Doctrines of the Upanishads

Chapter 17 – The Age of Laws and Philosophy

Chapter 18 – Expansion of the Hindus

Chapter 18 – Administration, Agriculture, and Arts

Chapter 20 – Laws

Chapter 21 – Caste in the Age of Laws and Philosophy

Chapter 22 – Social Life in the Age of Philosophy

Chapter 23 – Sankhya and Yoga

Chapter 24 – Nyaya and Vaisesika

Chapter 25 – Purva Miiniamsa and Vedanta

Chapter 26 – Buddhist Sacred Literature

Chapter 27 – Life of Gautama Buddha

Chapter 28 – Doctrines of Gautama Buddha

Chapter 29 – Moral Precepts of Gautama Buddha

Chapter 30 – History of Buddhism

Chapter 31 – History of Jainism

List of Illustrations

The State Elephant of the Gaikwar of Baroda – Primitive Manner of Grinding Corn – Khaiber Pass, a Gateway from Afghanistan into India – Bridge of Boats on the Indus – Original Text of a Vedic Hymn – Ploughing in Ancient India – Primitive Indian Well – Old Indian Jewelry – Sacrifice of a Goat – The Horse-sacrifice. (Asvamedha) – The Soma-plant – Fort Jamrud – Peshawar – Indian Elephant of State – Colonnade of Hindu Pillars – An Indian Scene – Women Drawing Water – Ancient Indian Head-dress – Scene on an Indian River – Primitive Indian Boats – Women of Salsette – Hindu Women – Nautch Girl – A Nautch Girl of Delhi – Burning Ghats – A Scene in the Himalayas – Indra – Surya – A Late Conception of Vishnu – Agni – Reciting the Sacred Texts at Benares – Kali as worshipped to-day – A View of the Ganges – Type of the Sudra Caste – Sacrificial Implements used in the Funeral Rites – Utensils for Religious Ceremonies – A Lake Scene in India – Overlooking Indrapat, the Ancient Pandu Capital – The Opening Page of the Bombay edition of the Mahabharata, reduced – The five Pandus and Draupadi – Winning the hand of the Princess – The Ill-fated Gambling-match – The reputed birthplace of Krishna at Mathura – Old Fort at Indrapat, near Delhi, the Ancient Indraprastha – Draupadi dragged into the Assembly – The Pandus and Kurus in Battle – After the Battle of Eighteen Days – The Closing Page of the Bombay edition of the Mahabharata, reduced – A Place Hallowed by Rama – Scene in Ceylon – Temple dedicated to Rama at Pushkar near Ajmere – Sacred Tank of Rama at Nasik – Ravana – Abduction of Sita – Hanuman – Hanuman and the Vanars rejoicing at the restoration of Sita – Rama with Sita, Lakshmana, and Hanuman – Hindus of Western Deccan – A Rajput Descendant of the Kshatriya Caste – The Monkey Temple at Benares – Shop of a Merchant of the Vaisya Caste – Brahman Types – A Hindu Youth – Hindu Women Bathing in a Pool – A Country Bullock-cart – A Type of Brahman Woman – The Astronomical Observatory, Yantra Samantra, at Delhi – Rail in the Gautamiputra Cave, Nasik – Ceremonial bathing in the Ganges – Sacred Tank of the Temple at Madura – Cremation on the Banks of the Ganges at Benares – The Fish Avatar of Vishnu – The Golden Temple at Benares – Siva Slaying Kamadeva, or Cupid – Vishnu – An Indian Scene – Gold Wire-drawers – Brahma – Sculpture from the Buddhist Tope near Benares – Law Code of Manu – A page of the text – Travelling in the Nilgiri Hills – Peak to North of Khinchinjunga, 21,500 feet, Sikkim – Capital of Half Column from a temple in Orissa – An Indian Scene – Bhil Women of Kathiawar – Fresco in the Sheesh Mahal, at Rajgarh – Ganesa – Water Scene in India – Woman carrying water – Sylvan Scene – Hindu Widows at the Mission in Bombay – The Vedi, or Marriage Altar – Ascetic at Benares – Propitiation of the Serpents – Swastika – A chapel in the Elephanta caves – Ascetic at Nasik – A Hindu Devotee – Undergoing Yogi Penance – Indian Scenery – Indian Carving – Carved Temple at Ramesvara – Western Gateway of the Buddhist Tope at Sanchi – Brass image of Gautama Buddha from Ceylon – Buddhist Rock-temple at Karli – Ruins of the Sakiya Tope – Footprints of Buddha – Sculptures in the Cave-temple at Karli – Buddhist Tope at Sanchi – Buddhist carving at Anuradhapura – Jain Temple of Vimala Sah, Mount Abu – Jain Temple at Ahmadabad

This collection transcribed by Chris Gage
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