The Decisive Battles of India from 1746 to 1849

by Colonel G. B. Malleson

“Nullum numen abest si sit prudentia; nos te, nos facimus, Fortuna, deam.” – Juvenal.


To St Mary’s College, Winton, in whose classic halls I nurtured that love of literature which has been the joy and consolation of my life, and on the hills in whose vicinity I learned to fight my “decisive battles,” this volume is inscribed with reverence and affection.

Table of Contents


Chapter I – St. Thomé

Chapter II – Kaveripak

Chapter III – Plassey

Chapter IV – Kondur and Machhlipatanam

Chapter V – Biderra

Chapter VI – Undwah Nala

Chapter VII – Baksar

Chapter VIII – Porto Novo

Chapter IX – Assaye

Chapter X – Laswari

Chapter XI – Firuzshahar and Sobraon

Chapter XII – Chilianwala and Gujrat

This collection transcribed by Chris Gage
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