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This blog is from the pages of The Carrboro Citizen. The Annotated Flora includes all of Ken Moore’s Flora articles plus interesting notes about botanical events and discoveries in the Piedmont and elsewhere.
Thanks for visiting. If you’d like to contact Ken Moore, or for general inquiries, just send your message to robert at thenews-journal dot com.

Robert Dickson
Publisher, The Carrboro Citizen

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  1. Nick Hamon permalink
    February 15, 2010

    In response to Ken Moore’s article on witches broom. I believe we have a spectacular example on a mature Loblolly pine in our yard in Chapel Hill. I would attach a photo if I knew how but if you email me I can send one. Our address is 124 Beechridge Ct and you can see the tree on the LHS of the yard…you cannot miss it as it takes up much of the upper part of the tree. We are often asked about it and there is still some debate as to whetehr it is caused by insect damage when the tree was young or is a genetic deformity. ANyhow, it is worth a look

    Best regards

    Nick Hamon

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