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at the
Signal Corps Training Center

Camp Crowder, Neosho, Missouri

From May, 1942 until December, 1943, Felix A. Cizewski trained as a Signalman at the Signal Corps Training Center, Camp Crowder, Neosho, Missouri.
May 12, 1942: arrived at Camp Crowder, Missouri, assigned to Company A, 33d Signal Training Battalion.
Manuals, Pamphlets and Other Items
Dated before or during training at Camp Crowder
August 31, 1942: Private.
September 29, 1942: Promoted to Private First Class Co. A, 804th Signal Service Regiment.
October 5, 1942: T/5 (Technician 5th class), Co. A, 804th Signal Service Regiment.
March 14, 1943: Civil marriage to Shirlee Cohen of Chicago in Kansas City, Missouri. They divorced.before the end of the war.
licenseLicense October 25, 1943: Army drivers license for vehicles up to 4 tons & larger. Felix's Military Occupational Specialty: Truck Driver Light.

Note that Felix's rank is listed as Private, He was demoted from T/5 sometime between October, 1942 and October, 1943. Dad said he wanted "to go out the same as he came in". and never gave any more details as to why he was demoted.
November 13-16, 1943: Pass to Chicago.
November 25, 1943: Thanksgiving dinner menu with roster of Company E, 840th Signal Training Battalion.
December 13, 1943: Transferred to Company C, 840th Signal Training Battalion.
December 15, 1943: Company redesignated as Company M, 847th Signal Training Battalion, Open Wire Repair Section.
December 24, 1943: Transferred to Camp Wood, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.
December 27, 1943: Transferred to newly constituted and activated Company C, 3110th Signal Service Battalion. Company C was the battalion's Open Wire Repair Section with pole and wire responsibilities including construction and maintenance.

Felix A. Cizewski at Camp Crowder
Training group underlined
Training group, Camp Crowder, Missouri, May, 1942. Felix Cizewski above orange arrow.

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Close Up
Enlarged & cropped from training group photo
Back of barracks
Felix on the right.
Felix with his pipe.
Felix behind the wheel of a Ford GPW. (Vehicle identification by the editor of Olive Drab.)
One of my favorite WW2 photos of my father.
Felix A. Cizewski with T/5 (Technician 5th Class) stripes and Army Service Forces shoulder patch. The pouch under his left arm may contain a gas mask. These photos may be from sometime between October, 1942 when Felix was promoted to T/5 and October, 1943 when he was demoted to Private.
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Digitally enhanced for clarity

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