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441990 RPDLW syllabus
541991 RPDLW syllabus
541994 RPDLW syllabus
521995 RPDLW syllabus
631996 RPDLW syllabus
521997 RPDLW syllabus
581998 RPDLW syllabus
601999 RPDLW syllabus
562000 RPDLW syllabus
532001 RPDLW syllabus
682002 RPDLW syllabus
552003 RPDLW syllabus
712004 RPDLW syllabus
562005 RPDLW syllabus
772006 RPDLW syllabus
762007 RPDLW syllabus
662008 RPDLW syllabus
732009 RPDLW syllabus
642010 RPDLW syllabus
562011 RPDLW syllabus
672012 RPDLW syllabus
522013 RPDLW syllabus
522014 RPDLW syllabus
572015 RPDLW syllabus
3121st Century Contras
321st Century Contras, 1st edition
521st Century Contras, 3rd edition
29American Country-Dancing Volume 1: Twenty-Eight Contra-Dances (Burchenal)
333American Dance Circle
1029American Square Dance
1Annual Recreation Workshop
55Another Contra*Bution
29Bad Hair Decade
38Balance and Swing
39Barely Legal
13Both Feet Again
25Both Feet Plus One
7Both Sides of the Atlantic
27Caller's Notes (Ralph Sweet)
111The Caller/Teacher Manual for Contras
36The Cardinal Collection
51CDNY Repertoire
240CDSS News
21Cleveland Dances!
108Community Dance Journal
29Contra Comments
210The Contra Dance Book
1Contra Dance Calling: A Basic Text
26Contra Dance Choreography
41Contra Dance Programming
26Contra Dances by Cary Ravitz 2.10
39Contra Dancing in the Northwest
38Contra*Butions 3
66The Contrarian
1Contras: As Ralph Page Called Them
50The Country Dance Book
53Cracking Chestnuts
18Crossing the Cascades
8Dance a While, 10th edition
26Dance All Day Too!
24Dance All Night
32Dance All Night II
23Dance All Night III
41Dance the Winter Away
28Dances From a Confused Caller's PDA
63Dances in Time
2Dances With a Difference, Volume 2
2Dances With a Difference, Volume 4
1Dances With a Difference, Volume 5
52Dizzy Dances
28Dizzy Dances, Volume II
150Don Armstrong's Dance Workbook
67Dream Dances
53An Elegant Collection of Contras and Squares
1email Luke Donforth
25Ferryin' with Lucy Beyond the Mist
37French 1893
34From a Belgian Yankee Caller
9The Goldcrest Collection
49Great Contras and Squares from the Great Lakes State
24Hands Four...and Square Your Sets
13Happy Feet dance camp syllabus
39Hill Country Contras
85Howe 1858
116Howe 1862
10In With Both Feet
38Jurassic Redheads & other dances
20Ken's Contras
23Ken's Contras No. 2
22Ken's Contras No. 3
36Kentucky Dance Institute
9Key to the Cellar
10Live, from the Spanish Ballroom
29The Lizard Research Institute & other dances
19Lullaby of the Swing
132Midwest Folklore and other dances
28Mikeside Management
8Mikeside Management caller's note
2Modern Contra Dancing
41More Dizzy Dances, Volume III
67Music to My Spirit
192The New Century Collection
524New England Caller
42No Rest for the Wicked
255Northern Junket
361Oglebay Institute Syllabus
25Okay, Let's Try a Contra, Men on the Right, Ladies on the Left, Up and Down the Hall.
61One Good Turn Deserves Another
1Pat Shaw Collection, Book 3
2Pat Shaw's Pinewoods
29The Ralph Page Book of Contras
143Reel to Reel
30"Rhonda's Romance" & Other Modern Contra Dances
50The RosenHill Collection
30Sandy's Fancy
130Schell 1890
361Sets in Order
26Shadrack's Delight and other dances
3SharedWeight AltChoreo
42Slapping the Wood
32Son of Shadrack and other dances
55(southern) California Twirls
53Square & Fair
76Square Dance Century
634Stockton Dance Camp Syllabus
68Swing the Next
35Thirty Contras from New England
36To Live is to Dance
2Traditional Barn Dances With Calls & Fiddling
38Twice as Nice
27Twirling Dervish and Other Contra Dances
29Twirling Dervish Returns
56Washburn 1863
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