Sp1,2 r φ sm sn pet age lines

Use your fingers or mouse to control model. Use mouse wheel to zoom it. In the right window use mouse wheel to animate flower (change its "age"). Drag slpine control points to control flower shape.

Procedural Lathe flowers 2

Revolution surfaces are used to make procedural petals. The red Bezier cubic spline is the generating r-curve. The blue φ-one determines petal shape. The second (bold curves) basis petal is active for editing.

I think now we have enough different flowers to make complex scenes. I'd like to make more realistic flowers in future but it is not very fast for one "gardener". All flowers are free for any use.


(Rose and Rose 2 editors)

and Tulip editor

(Daisy and Daisy 2 editors)

and Lotus editor

A few more buds: Weed, Water lily, Tooth, Tooth 2, Apple flowers.
Procedural leaves, rose leaves and clover.

See also animations on old pages Procedural Lathe flowers 1.


Tiny garden

Old pool

Nightly pool
(more realistic var. 2)

Billboard "jungles"
. To avoid visible walls 2 billboard "jungle" layers (and one backside opaque green wall) are used. Only one rendering call for all flowers second for billboards and one more for 15 instanced textured grass layers.

with fixed LOD (check "Lines" to see meshes). 1M vertexes are rendered.

More comments

Unfortunately "3D" gardens are too flat on 2D screen. I'm using WebVR-polyfill and Brandon Jones's samples to make true 3D WebVR Gardens.

To Do

"rose petals vortex" animation
big forms: rose bushes, flower beds, trees?
animated butterfly, clouds, water, waterfall ... ?

See Epic Zen Garden demo :)

Simple flowers

Fantasy flowers

Simple flowers

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