Sp1,2 r φ N pet age

Use your fingers or mouse to control model. Use mouse wheel to zoom it. In the right window use mouse wheel to animate flower (change its "age"). Drag slpine control points to control flower shape.

Procedural Lathe flowers

Revolution surfaces are used to make procedural petals. The red subdivision spline is generating r-curve. The blue φ-one determines petal shape. Nine petals are rotated and linear interpolated between two basis petals. The second (bold) basis petal is active.

More complicated "Flower editors". Petals (and sepals) are interpolated between 3 basis petals by quadratic polynomials:
Aster, daisy, bell, bud, bud 2.
Animated daisy Bouquet
Animated asters Animated roses

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Toy garden     updated 10 Jan 2016