ko cycle fps

Quantum reflection (interference)

Quantum 2D wave packet
    Ψ(r) = exp(-(r - ro )2 + i k r)
moves along the k = (ko , ko ) direction. It is reflected by the middle horizontal line y = 0 (that is Ψ |y = 0 = 0 ). To get this reflection we add one more (imaginary) packet
    Ψ'(r) = - exp(-(r + ro )2 + i k' r),     k' = (ko , -ko ).
We save Re(Ψ), Im(Ψ) in texture. Then "move" it and add "imaginary" packet. |Ψ|2 is plotted.

In a similar way (by summation of translated textures) one can get interference fringes from complicated sources. But I'm not sure if it is very funny or useful.

WebGL     updated 21 July 2010