WebGL examples

To see these applications you need modern hardware and browser with WebGL support (see get.webgl.org). These pages are tested under Windows and Android. Here you can find library and examples. All scripts are free for any use.

3D interactive models

  3DS models

  Toru Miyazawa's
  3DS models
  Spline based models

  Tiny models (~10kb)

  Interactive polyhedra

  3D crystal notes

  ChemDoodle demos

  GLmol demos

Computer simulations

Conway's Game of Life

2D Game of Life. Life under a magnifying glass.
Alien Life forms: 34 Life, "Maze" and "Coral"

3D Lorenz strange attractor

Lorenz model a CPU based simulation.

Linear Waves: diffraction, interference, resonances
CPU based wave equation simulations are surprisingly fast on my 2.4GHz Core2
Fractal animations

Fractals and nonlinear waves are heavy for tablets yet.
David Makin's ("broken" Julia sets) animation.
Julia sets animation. One more animation.

The Mandelbrot set zoom (highp float are used)

2D solitons

Nonlinear vortex dynamics. A CPU based complex (two component) field simulation.
I failed to save vortex and anti-vortex from annihilation :)

Shallow water

A CPU based Shallow water simulation

It is difficult to make complex 3D models but Nature makes them easily. To simulate fractals, nonlinear waves, turbulent flows one can use mighty GPU, WebGL extensions, WebCL, cloud computing... See further

Nonlinear waves



Galleries of procedural trees, terrains and 3D models

An Interactive Introduction to Splines

Simulations on GPU for Web

Heart rhythms

updated   9 May 2021