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Last modified July 26, 1995

From Memphis. Saw him alive a few times, saw him dead once. Knew women who knew him well, very well.

Greetings from Finland, the land of arctic hysteria!

I was mowing the lawn when I heard that Elvis was dead. It was a big shock because we had tickets to see him perform in Lexington KY in a few days. Real depressing. He also died on my Mom's birthday. When the old Elvis movies come on TV I know my Mom's birthday is nearby. Nobody could leave a building like Elvis!

I'm from Italy. Here the weather is always good, girls are nice men are funny and we Elvis-a-lot every day...;-)

On behalf of everyone here at New Zealand's ICE TV, we'd like to congratulate you... especially with the last will and testament and things...how about some of Elvis's favourite recipes?

I love Elvis and if he were still alive, I would be his wife.

I would like to say this is very cool and I also saw him at the Burger King here on campus at the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire



I take Elvis' contribution to American popular music very seriously. By talking about "Elvis sightings" you trivialize his memory.

What a good job you've done, little mama! I'm sure the boss would be proud of the way you're taking care of business. My favorite Quote from the King comes from the Elvis museum in Pigeon Ford, Tennessee. A sign above a pair of Elvis tennis shoes which he gave to the collector read: "Here Bob, you can have these. I never like those god-damned shoes anyway." Keeep on rockin.

Greeting from Denmark

i have some thoughts about the king taking heaven away from god. Its only natural that Elvis took over.

No man is an island....but Elvis was pretty close :)

I love it! My mother is from Memphis and used to go to all his parties back in the 50's. She'd love this page.

I'm a military pilot, my call sign is "HOUNDOG". Nuff said ITALY

Hi This is Elvis. I just wanted to let you all know i'm OK. Sweden is a really nice place to be this time of year, specially Vstersund. I've worked out a lot these last years so i'm back to the shape i was in at the time when we recorded 'Jailhouse Rock' Hmmm... well...maybe not that good but then again...i'm getting older to ya know... "Ladies and gentlemen....Elvis has left the Net"

I heard about something nift-o-matic for your page on Morning Edition today. Finnish national Radio (YLE) has been doing a short weekly radio broadcast in Latin for a few years. Now one person invlolved, a Dr. Yaku Armant (sp?) has released an album of Elvis songs in Latin called "The Legend Lives On in Latin" or something to that effect. That's all I know right now, but if one digs in the YLE links one might be able to find something...

Although may have scoffed at my tale, I swear that I saw Elvis Presley while I was fishing on the Salmon River in Idaho. The King looked older, obviously, but I could tell it was him. He was walking away from the river and disappeared into the bushes. I swear that at that moment Heartbreak Hotel started playing on my radio. The experience was scary, almost like the feeling one gets from surviving an automobile accident. It was scary but exhilarating.

HI, this is Elvis and I'm living in Kent, Ohio and I work at Kinko's. I am the computer services supervisor and I recently got a raise.

Vive Elvis Pressley pour toujours!

Elvis is the spiritual mascot of our Spacecraft. NASA Goddard Spaceflight Centers SPARTAN 201 Watch for us on STS-69. He IS everywhere. We WILL link this page to our NASA page. ;)

This page is cooler than the chorus to "Clambake!"

Ich und Hans-Juergen sind grosse Fans von Dir. Schade, dass Du so frueh von uns gegangen bist. Wir wuerden so gerne weitere Lieder von Dir hoeren. Thanks for your songs.

I am going to see Elvis in concert this Saturday. He performs at the Latern Inn on Lake Lanier (GA). He also fries up a mean buffet. His sister, Patsy Cline, performs there as well (while Elvis does dishes between sets).

Did you realize that at the time of his death, Elvis would have weighed 675lbs if he were on Jupiter

I'm working in Grafenwoehr, Germany. Elvis was here at some point during his service in the army. Thanks. Auf Wiedersehen!

My next door neighbor (Billie Sauls) and her best friend (Faye Dunaway-yes, her) got to sit with Elvis at the piano in Jackson- ville, Fl. in '58 or '59. My sister, who was a little a little younger at the time and whose mother would not let her go to the show, was eaten with envy!

I am from Iran. I just want to take the time to say that Elvis is a god in my country and one of the main reasons that I came to America. God bless the United States and Elvis Presley.

Visited on behalf of my father, who must be Northumberland's biggest Elvis fan.

they don't make men like that any more..sigh...!

I saw Elvis in a dream.

Elvis is An anagram for lives!

As someone who lives in Memphis, I gotta say... I just can't wait until "Dead Elvis Week" Next month. You gotta love those overwieght middle-aged ladies in their Elvis sweatshirts. Now, this is America.

I am researching a possible documentary for European television about Elvis and am greatful to you for your excellent work.

The pioneer, the pelvis, the king, ladies and gentlemen, the greatest man who set foot on this crazy and unpredictable world of ours was indeed Elvis Aaron Presley. Elvis I love you man. My friends tell me I'm crazy, but they don't know how I feel when I awake in the morning only to see your glorious face upon my wall. Elvis, I've never loved and I've never been loved, but I can tell you that you will always be in my heart no matter what stands between us....

My friend Jason had a cat named Elvis, but he's dead,too.

I am a great Elvis fan from Victoria Australia.

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