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Forgey with cows
Dave Forgey & cows.
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Seasonal Dairy on Pasture:

The Forgey Files
How-to advice from Indiana's pioneering seasonal dairy grazier.

David and Helen Forgey run a 150-cow dairy in Logansport, Ind. David was one of the first in his area to adopt rotational grazing, and soon converted his herd to seasonal breeding, freshening in spring to take advantage of peak pasture production. He's shared his experiences with graziers at meetings and conferences around the country. From grazing basics to high-level management here's a sampling:

The Forgey Files -- Contents
  1. The Why's and How's of Seasonal Dairying
  2. Grazing Basics
  3. How Plants Grow
  4. Managing Drought
  5. Coping With Heat And Humidity
  6. Water for the Grazing System
  7. Winter Feeding Under a Breakwire
  8. New Zealand Calf-Feeding System
  9. Can Baleage Benefit Your Forage System?
  10. Fescue -- The Wonder Grass and the Curse of Grazing
  11. Keep It Simple

New!red ballForgey's River-View Farm -- The Forgey's have a new website (9/1/97). It's still in its embryonic stages. But check in for updates, grazing links, field day information and more about their farm.

New!red ballGraze-l Updates -- Dave often posts updates about his farm and other observations on the graze-l listserv. Here are a few:

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Home Grazing The Forgey Files -- Contents

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