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Usage Permission Policy
Help us spread the word about sustainable farming.

As you might gather from the way this is written, we can't afford lawyers to compose this stuff. But we are concerned about copyright issues. They change almost daily, thus keeping the above-mentioned lawyers off the streets.

Our mission is to help get the word out to farmers and agricultural professionals about sustainable farming. We're pleased to see that rural Internet access is making it easier for an increasing number of farmers to use the Internet, regardless of their location. At the same time, we realize that a chunk of our target audience still has limited or no local access.

So we expect that you'll be tempted to download and print out material for your neighbors and clients. And we hope that you will.

But first:

red ballTip: Because virtually all of the text of our pages is within tables, you can't cut and paste from your browser. Save the file and open it up in MS Word or other word processing program, then cut and paste.

red ballRespect copyrights. Carefully check the page you are about to print out and make sure that there are no additional copyrights. Much of the material at this site is original. But much is posted here by permission of other organizations or authors. For example, Gene Logsdon gave us permission to post his essay, Thoughts On Economic "Inevitability." But if you want to use it elsewhere, the statement at the end of the piece asks you to give Gene a call, first. That's only fair. It's also not nice (and probably illegal) to download and use graphics. Check out the links on our credits page to see where the graphics came from and find out how you might use them without a guilty conscience. Keep in mind that if you follow a link from this site to other sites (you'll know when you're leaving here because you won't see the distinctive green border), you'll have to follow their permission guidelines, not ours.

red ballLet us know. We want to keep on doing this, and do it even better. That takes money, and our supporters want to know that we are having an impact on the growing number of Internet-accessing farmers. So if you're going to make 100 copies of one of the pages or even just pass along a tidbit to a neighbor, please drop us an email at: cdcramer@clarityconnect.com. While you're at it, send us a little testimonial about how useful the site is, as well as any comments, questions, or suggestions for improvement.

red ballGive us credit. Let folks know where you got the information. Not just when you print it out. Tell your friends at the coffeeshop, "I read that at the Sustainable Farming Connection website." If folks hear that enough, maybe they'll get their own computer and we'll gain another user. If you cut and paste to your word processing program before printing, don't forget to include the footer we have on every page that gives essential information about where the page came from and how to get in touch with us.

red ballDon't sell it. For now anyway, this information is free to anyone who can access the Internet. We like the way that helps the information flow. So please don't resell it. If you want to publish something in your newsletter or magazine, please contact us first.

We're counting on you to help us spread the word, and appreciate your efforts. But please keep us posted.

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