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Lightstone Foundation

HC 63 Box 73
Moyers WV 26815

Phone: 304-249-5200

Fax: 304-249-5310

E-mail: lfi@access.mountain.net

Website: http://web.mountain.net/~lfi/

Contact: Jeffrey Gold

Lightstone's mission is to serve as a regional education and demonstration center for practicing and supporting sustainable family farming, natural resource management and rural community development. Programs include:
  • Future Stewards. An experiential training, paid apprenticeship and community stewardship learning program for high school and college students in the stewardship of natural and human resources.

  • Farm Center. Our 562 acre certified organic farm at the headwaters of the Potomac River in Pendleton County, West Virginia demonstrates sustainable agricultural practices, wetlands restoration, eco- and agro-forestry and Community Supported Agriculture.

  • Community Food Systems. Providing technical and financial support to a co-operative marketing network of diversified farms, creating markets for locally-grown food and enhancing access to healthy food.

  • Community Economic Development. The Lightstone Community Development Corporation (LCDC) was established in 1994 to create and retain jobs in the Potomoc Highlands by providing technical and financial assitance in rural communities having a large portion of their population with low incomes. Micro-loans for sustainable enterprises, supporting area farmers' markets and bolstering local recycling efforts are a few of LCDC's activities
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