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Ordering National Archives' photos which are described TEXTUALLY, with NO associated digital images, on the Naval History and Heritage Command's "Online Library of Selected Images"

The National Archives holds millions of photographs for which the Naval History and Heritage Command does not hold reproducible copies. However, in some cases, the "Online Library" contains textual references to such photographs. In those cases, photographic reproductions can ONLY be obtained through the National Archives' own system.

While the Naval History and Heritage Command can not absolutely guarantee the availability of such images through the National Archives' system, our records strongly indicate that these photos should be present in the National Archives' collections.

The National Archives uses private vendors to reproduce its photographs for public use. These private firms offer varying types of services, at varying prices. Since the system is relatively complex, it cannot be summarized in a simple information page. Therefore, persons interested in ordering reproductions of National Archives' photographs should obtain the appropriate information directly from that agency.

General information about the National Archives' Still Picture Branch can be obtained from the Webpage:

  • "Photographs and Graphic Works in the National Archives at College Park, MD".
    Information on ordering still picture reproductions can also be obtained from the Webpage:
  • "Ordering Still Picture Reproductions".
    Information about photographic reproductions vendors can be obtained from the Webpage:
  • "Participating Vendors for the Reproduction Sales of Still Photographs, Aerial Film, Maps and Drawings".

    The Still Picture Branch can be contacted by mail, FAX, EMail or telephone at:

    Special Media Archives Services Division
    National Archives at College Park
    8601 Adelphi Road
    College Park, MD 20740-6001

    TELEPHONE: 301-837-0561

    FAX: 301-837-3621


    Include a complete mailing address and a daytime phone number with all inquiries.


    The images covered by this page are NOT in the Naval History and Heritage Command's collections.
    DO NOT try to obtain them using the procedures described in "How to Obtain Photographic Reproductions.".

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    Coding updated 19 April 2009