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College Credit

At most colleges and universities in the United States, students are required to fulfill a foreign language requirement.  At many schools, this requirement is a minimum of 3 or 4 semesters of a foreign language.  It is possible for students entering college in the United States to receive college credit for their knowledge of Thamil. Students who have been learning the language can request that the foreign language department of their college or university administer a Thamil test to determine their level of proficiency. The foreign language department will request a proficiency test from a US university where Thamil is taught (e.g. University of Pennsylvania), arrange a time for the student to take the test, and then send the completed test to the Thamil teacher at that university for scoring. Depending on the policies of the school, students scoring well enough on the proficiency test can receive credit for the appropriate number of semesters or exempt their school's foreign language requirement.

Lessons 1-25 on this website are roughly equivalent in quantity to the grammar covered in the first semester Thamil course at the University of Pennsylvania.

For more information, follow the link to the website of the 2003 North American Tamil Youth Summer Language Camp and click on "College Credit".

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