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Good dictionaries are a very, very important learning tool. I have yet to encounter a good English to Thamil dictionary. Luckily, there is an excellent Thamil to English dictionary published by Cre-A called Kriyaavin thaRkaalath thamizh akaraathi. The Cre-A dictionary provides meanings in both Thamil and English. It also includes one or two example sentences or phrases for each meaning. It is available in major bookstores in Thamil naadu.  A few online dictionaries are listed below:

Online Tamil Lexicon
- The Madras Tamil Lexicon is online. This online dictionary provides translations from Thamil to English and from English to Thamil. 
To use it, you will have to familiarize yourself with the transliteration scheme.

The following dictionaries are provided courtesy of the Tamil Virtual University: 
(Install the font to view the dictionary entries.)

Pals Dictionary

Tamil Lexicon

Madras University Dictionary

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Web-assisted Learning and Teaching of Tamil - University of Pennsylvania website maintained by Professor Vasu Renganathan

Thamil Paadanool - a site maintained by Elango Cheran, a youth who is currently learning the langauge.

Thamil Learning Resources
- a page I compiled in 1998 that contains information on learning Thamil for second-generation youth and children.   Some of the information is no longer up to date.



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