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The kingdom of Jordan is located in the Middle East, northwest of Saudi Arabia and east of Israel and Palestine. Formerly part of the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire, the territory of Jordan fell under a British mandate after World War I. Jordan's independence was recognized in 1946.

Jordan has only a very short coastline, about 30 km (19 mi) long, in the southwestern corner of the country. The coastline is on the head of the Gulf of Aqaba, the narrow northeastern branch of the Red Sea. Making the most of scarcity, Jordan has developed this coast with a major port, Aqaba, and a series of beachfront resorts.

Aids to navigation in Jordan are maintained by the Aqaba Ports Corporation. The Arabic word for a lighthouse is mnarh or manara (منارة). Ra's is a cape, jaza'ir or jazirat is an island, and shi'b is a reef.

ARLHS numbers are from the ARLHS World List of Lights. Lights on this page were formerly included in volume E of the Admiralty List of Lights & Fog Signals, but in 2014 they were moved to volume D with new numbers. U.S. NGA List numbers are from Publication 112.

General Sources
Online List of Lights - Jordan
Photos by various photographers posted by Alexander Trabas. Douglas Cameron and Thomas Philipp contributed photos from Jordan.
World of Lighthouses - Jordan
Photos by various photographers available from
Navigational chart information for this area.

Aqaba Harbor Control Tower, Aqaba, May 2014
Wikimedia Creative Commons photo by Oyoyoy

* Aqaba South
Date unknown. Active; focal plane 9 m (30 ft); nine quick white flashes every 15 s. 9 m (30 ft) skeletal mast atop a square skeletal tower. Trabas has Philipp's photo, Sebastian Noethlichs has a street view, and Google has an indistinct satellite view. Located on a sandy point at the entrance to Aqaba harbor. Site open, tower closed. Admiralty D7298.21 (ex-E6044.7); NGA 30458.
Aqaba Harbor Control
1991. Active; focal plane 72 m (236 ft); three white flashes every 10 s. 75 m (246 ft) hourglass-shaped concrete and steel tower topped by a round control room and rising from a multistory harbor control building. A photo appears above, has a good 2014 photo, Trabas has Cameron's photo, a distant view from the city is available, and Google has a good satellite view. This powerful light has a range of about 32 km (20 mi). Located at the base of the main commericial quay of Aqaba harbor. Site status unknown. ARLHS JOR-001; Admiralty D7298.2 (ex-E6044); NGA 30452.
[Aqaba Flagstaff]
2004. Active; focal plane about 43 m (141 ft); flashing red light. 41 m (135 ft) giant flagstaff. Peter Goulding has a page for the flagpole, and Google has a street view and a satellite view. The flag flown from the staff is not the Jordanian national flag; it is the Pan-Arab or Arab Revolt flag orginally used by Arab forces fighting against the Ottoman Empire during World War I. This was the world's tallest flagpole when it was built, although much taller ones have been built since. The base of the shaft is 2.6 m (8.6 ft) in diameter. Located on the Aqaba waterfront, north of the Harbor Control tower and near the Aqaba Museum. Site open. Admiralty ex-E6044.2.
Royal Yacht Club South Jetty (2)
2014. Active; focal plane about 9 m (30 ft); quick-flashing green light. Approx. 9 m (30 ft) round white concrete tower. This tower replaced a 4.5 m (15 ft) tower with gallery, painted white with a green horizontal band at the top. Trabas has a photo, Mohammad Azzouka has a 2018 drone view, and Google has a satellite view. Tariq Abuzaid has a closeup photo of the original light and another good photo is available. The Royal Yacht Club is at the head of the Gulf of Aqaba off King Hussein Boulevard. Site status unknown. Site manager: Royal Yacht Club of Jordan. ARLHS JOR-002; Admiralty D7298.1 (ex-E6044.35); NGA 30455.

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