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Macau (also spelled Macao) is a territory on the south coast of China, directly across the Pearl River (Zhūjiāng) estuary from Hong Kong. Like Hong Kong, Macau is a special administrative region (SAR) of China, separate from the surrounding Guangdong Province. The territory includes the tip of the Macau Peninsula and two islands, Taipa and Coloane, which have been joined by fill.

Settled by Portugal in 1557, Macau was the both the first and the last European colony in China. It remained under Portuguese control until it was returned to China in December 1999.

Aids to navigation in Macau are maintained by the Macau SAR Marine and Water Bureau.

Macau has an international airport and is also accessible by high-speed ferries from Hong Kong. The 55 km (34 mi) Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, the world's longest over-water fixed link, opened to traffic in Octiber 2018.

ARLHS numbers are from the ARLHS World List of Lights. Admiralty numbers are from volume P of the Admiralty List of Lights & Fog Signals. NGA numbers are from NGA Publication 112.

General Sources
Lighthouses in Macau
Photos by various photographers available from Wikimedia.
World of Lighthouses - Macau
Photos by various photographers available from
Online List of Lights - China
Pphotos by various photographers posted by Alexander Trabas.
Leuchttürme Chinas auf historischen Postkarten
Historic postcard images posted by Klaus Huelse.

Guia Light, Macau, January 2006
Flickr Creative Commons photo by Adrian Furby

Guia (Fortaleza da Guia, Dongwangyang)
1865 (Carlos Vicente da Rocha). Reactivated (inactive 1874-1910); focal plane 108 m (354 ft); two white flashes every 10 s. 13.5 m (44 ft) round tapered concrete-clad stone tower with lantern and double gallery. Lighthouse painted white with gold trim; lantern roof painted red. Adrian Furby's photo is above, a 2008 closeup is available, Trabas has Andreas Köhler's closeup photo, Portuguese Wikipedia has an article on the lighthouse with several good photos, Wikimedia has additional photos, Lighthouse Digest has a photo by Xavier Leroy, Chichuen Wong has a 2014 street view, and Google has a satellite view. Huelse has a historic postcard view showing a very different lantern structure. One of the world's great lighthouses, the Portuguese Farol da Guia was the first western-style lighthouse built in China. However, after only nine years of operation it was damaged by a typhoon in 1874 and remained out of service until 1910. Beautifully restored in recent years and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is one of China's best known and most visited lighthouses. In recent years it has been the subject of an extended controversy, as preservationists have protested plans for high-rise buildings that may block the view (and the light) from the lighthouse. The lighthouse is built within the walls of the Fortaleza (fortress) da Guia, completed in 1638. Located atop Guia Hill near the southeast corner of the Macau Peninsula. Fortress open daily, tower closed. Site manager: Macau Cultural Affairs Bureau (Guia Fortress). ARLHS MAC-001; Admiralty P3416; NGA 19640.
* Banco da China
Date unknown (building completed in 1991). Active; focal plane about 175 m (575 ft); light characteristic unknown. Light mounted atop the 38-story Bank of China building. has a photo and Google has a street view and a satellite view. Located in downtown Macau. Site open. Admiralty P3438.

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